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Here at Low Rate Locksmith we are your source for free instructions on how to program your Honda, keyless entry remote control and all other kinds of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Whether you drive a car, a truck, or an SUV we have the information you need to program your remote. Low Rate Locksmith offers detailed step-by-step directions from the manufacturer of your Honda car or truck, detailing how to program the key fob remote control, or programmable key for your vehicle. If you have lost a key, replaced a defective key-less entry remote, or added a new key, we have the instructions that you need to make the remote control work for your car, truck, van, or sport utility vehicle. Please select your Year from the menu below.

Introduction to Key Fobs and Remotes:

This invention relates generally to an encryption process for a remote keyless entry system and, more particularly, to an encryption process for a remote keyless entry system that includes a rolling code updating scheme that provides heightened security integrity against unwanted entry.

The Honda remote keyless entry system enables a vehicle operator to perform certain functions, such as lock or unlock a door or trunk of the vehicle, from a remote location are known in the art. Keyless entry systems of this type generally include a portable transmitter carried by the vehicle operator, usually included as part of a fob attached to a key chain for carrying keys of the vehicle. The transmitter will include a button that, upon activation, will cause the transmitter to broadcast a radio frequency signal as a series of coded data bits. If the vehicle is within the operating range of the transmitter, an antenna and receiver associated with the vehicle will receive the coded signal. If the receiver determines the coded signal to be valid, then the receiver will automatically cause the desired function to be performed as encoded on the signal.

Items you will need

  • Honda Odyssey Car 🙂
  • A working Key to the car
  • ALL keyless remotes to be programmed for the vehicle (you have to program them all together)
  • a non-programmed remote will work for this process

Step-By-Step instructions to program 1996-1998 Honda Odyssey key fob (Method 1):

  1.  Open the drivers door.
  2.  Push the drivers power door lock switch to the unlock position and hold it.
    ( Continue to hold the switch during this procedure.)
  3.  Insert the key into the ignition, then remove it. Repeat this 4 more times
    within 10 seconds. ( You must complete steps 3 and 4 within 10 seconds
    or the system will exit the programming mode.
  4.  Insert the key into the ignition. After you insert the key, make sure the power
    door locks cycle to confirm that the system is in the programming mode.
  5.  Press the LOCK and UNLOCK button on the remote. All power door locks
    ( except the drivers door ) should cycle to confirm that the system accepted
    the remote.
  6.  To program a second remote, press the LOCK and UNLOCK button within
    10 seconds of programming the first remote. ( The system will only accept
    two remotes.
  7.  Release the master power door lock switch to exit the programming mode.
  8.  Test remotes.

Step-By-Step instructions to program 1996-1998 Honda Odyssey key fob (Method 2):

Programming Notes:

Obtain all remote transmitters for this vehicle. This procedure will erase all previously programmed remotes. You must program all existing and new remotes that you wish to use on the vehicle at this time.

Procedure #1 – Factory Installed Keyless Entry Systems (Most Common)

Step-by-Step How To Programming Instructions:

  1. OPEN Driver’s door.
  2. PRESS and HOLD the UNLOCK switch on the Driver’s door and continue to HOLD until instructed to release.
  3. Within 10 seconds, INSERT the key into the ignition and REMOVE it five (5) times.
  4. INSERT the key a sixth (6) time and leave it in the Ignition. The vehicle will respond by cycling the locks indicating entry into Programming Mode.
  5. PRESS the LOCK OR UNLOCK Button on the remote. The vehicle will respond by cycling the locks indicating successful programming of the remote.
  6. REPEAT Step 5 within 10 seconds for each additional remote to be programmed.
  7. RELEASE the UNLOCK Button on the Driver’s door to exit Programming Mode.
  8. Test all remotes. Programming is now complete.
  9. If these programming instructions helped you save time and money, please consider sharing our website with friends and family so they can do the same.

Key Fob Programming FAQ:

Q: What does it cost to have a key fob programmed?

At the dealership, the cost of replacing an electronic fob can range from $50-$90, depending on the automaker or complexity of the design. All fobs need to be programmed. Some dealerships will do it for free, while others will charge a half hour to an hour of labor.

With Low Rate Locksmith you can program your key fob by yourself for free!

Q: How do you program a key fob?

You find the instructions here are Low Rate Locksmith Key Fob Programming Sections.

Q: Can you program a key fob at home?

You could reprogram a key fob to a different vehicle as long as the key is the same for the vehicle.

Q: I lost the key Fob and the key to my 2005 Honda Odyssey, what should I do?

Don’t panic. Low Rate Locksmith can help you replace your 1997 Honda Odyssey Key and remote.

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