Getting locked out of your car is no fun. Despite this, getting locked out of a vehicle is a common and frustrating experience. Here I’ll share some common car lockout scenarios, along with what you can do to get through them unscathed.

1. Losing Your Keys At Home

Sometimes it can seem like keys were made to be lost! Just when you feel like you’ve got everything in order, a lost pair of keys can totally throw off your entire day. Many car lockouts are caused by owners simply misplacing their car keys. It seems like it can’t get any worse – until you find yourself turning your home upside down and inside out in order to find them! Don’t panic – there’s a way to get out of this.

2. Losing Your Keys at Work

Misplacing your keys at home is bad enough – but losing them at work can be even worse! At least your home is the jungle you know – the workplace has all kinds of variables that can make losing your car keys there a real nightmare. At the end of a long workday, all you’re thinking about is how fast you can get out and into the fresh air. Finding yourself unable to access your car is a serious downer. Essentially stranded in the parking lot, you have lots of time to consider your options.

3. Locking Your Keys In The Car

Now this one is just downright painful. Imagine the feeling as you stand in the lot, ironically glaring at the car keys sitting pretty on your car seat. The car seat that’s a part of the car that you can’t get into. Just great. Suddenly, all of your grand after-work plans have gone down the drain. You have a few choices to make at this point. Crying or screaming hysterically is an option… but I think we have a better one.

I Left My Keys Inside My Car! How Do I Get Back In? These are words that no one wants to hear come out of their mouth, but sadly, it happens. This may be a new experience for some, and a “Oh no, not again!” for others. Whatever the case may be, you can rest easy knowing that there is a simple solution to getting you back into your car.

4. Locking Your Keys in the Car While the Engine is Running

We all find ourselves in a rush sometimes. Just need to grab something here, another thing there. Meanwhile your trusty vehicle companion is standing, waiting and ready to chauffeur you through any and all of the day’s tasks and trials. Running back and forth heroically, you suddenly stop cold, the bag of goodies from your weeknight bakery run limp at your hip. Your car is running as it should – everything seems to be in order… but you don’t have your keys with you. Suddenly, you find yourself in a very sticky situation.

5. Breaking Your Key In The Lock

For whatever reason, sometimes you need to open your car door manually. In our burgeoning technological age many of us are so used to getting everything open with the click of a button or a tap on our phones. When the key fob runs out of juice however, opening the car with the ol’ push and turn becomes necessary. At this point though, your dexterity might be suffering from low-usage so much that you go and break the key in the lock by accident. Well done, soldier.

How to Avoid getting locked out of your car

If any of the above has applied to you, is applying to you, or may apply to you in the future, it’s good to know what you can do to get out. Well, more like ‘get in’ your car. There’s not one ‘super’ trick to escape any car lockout situation. However, there are circumstance specific ways that you can take to get back on the road again.

Spare Keys & Double Checks

Making sure that you have a spare key on hand is a great way to avoid car lockout. Just like you have a spare key in case of home lockout, having a key for car lockout is just as important. Having that “YESSSS!” moment when you realize that you prepared for a plan B just can’t be beat. Also, consider keeping your spare car key outside of your car. I mean, when your car I locked, having both of your car keys hanging out inside is not helping anything.

Even in this case, be sure to double check any access points before classifying your situation as a panic-worthy emergency. Although your car’s vulnerabilities pose a concern for potential break-ins, these same inconsistencies can save the day in the event of a car lockout.

The Art of DIY

If you’re stuck in a car lockout situation, you probably don’t want to just sit around twiddling your thumbs. It’s time to take action! Sure, you can call a car locksmith, but many people do this without realizing that the power to get back in their car was in their hands all along! Don’t get me wrong, calling a locksmith could be the best option here, but you don’t want to completely ignore other cost-effective DIY solutions. Some quick research on your phone can reveal methods for escaping car lockout that you would never have thought of before!

However, before you go after how much it cost to call a locksmith to come out and help you with your car lock out situation, we recommend you to read this DIY post and how to get in your car without calling anyone or spending any money!

Call for Help

You can’t rely on DIY all the time though. Sometimes it just doesn’t do the trick – in fact, it can even make things worse. It’s best to call a car locksmith professional in these situations.

Things of Key Importance

It’s important to keep your wits about you in the event of a car lockout. These situations can happen anywhere, so making sure that you are safe and secure is paramount. Also, be careful about leaving your car unattended during this time.

Personal Tips & Tricks

One thing to always remember during car lockout is to stay calm and sane. Getting angry and frustrated will just make things worse and deter the solution. Also, learn from previous situations and grow from them. Once you’ve gotten locked out of your car before, it makes sense that you’ll pay more attention to the location of your keys at all times.

Also, one really important tip would be to find a car locksmith that you can trust BEFORE a car lockout takes place. That way, you’ll have pricing and contact information available in the event of an emergency.

Keep multiple spare keys in different places so you’ll always have access when it’s necessary. Having a few backup keys will give you peace of mind – you could even give one to a trusted family member for safekeeping.

Car lockouts aren’t fun, but after reading this you should be better prepared to face them!

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