You are either on this page just because you are interested in car lockouts… or you need some help. Well, you are on the right page either way! Car lockout is no fun and it is obvious that you want to know how much it costs. Well, while I would love to say, “A car lockout will run you – amount of money!” I can’t. The thing is, there is no set amount. I know that is probably upsetting, but it’s just the plain truth. Car lockout prices depend on the job that you need done. If you left the keys in the car, that is going to cost a different amount than if you broke the key in the lock. Do you get it? There are a lot of different ways to get locked out of your car and therefore the price varies depending on the situation.

I Left My Keys Inside My Car! How Do I Get Back In? These are words that no one wants to hear come out of their mouth, but sadly, it happens. This may be a new experience for some, and a “Oh no, not again!” for others. Whatever the case may be, you can rest easy knowing that there is a simple solution to getting you back into your car.

However, before you go after how much it cost to call a locksmith to come out and help you with your car lock out situation, we recommend you to read this DIY post and how to get in your car without calling anyone or spending any money!

Different Types of Car Lockouts

I hope that you aren’t too familiar with getting locked out of your car, but if you are, you know as well as we do that there are a lot of different ways that this can happen. Even if two ways seem similar, there are finer details that make the two situations very different. Don’t expect two similar issues to run you the same amount because the process, time, and tools, will probably be different.

Locked Keys In Trunk

Locked Keys In Trunk

Getting your keys locked in the trunk is no new story. In fact, it is one of the most common types of car lockout. Doing something like loading things into the trunk while holding your keys is a sure way to lock them up back there. Just because your trunk is locked though doesn’t mean that your car doors are! If you are in luck, you will be able to get back to your keys without even having to call a professional automotive locksmith, so make sure you check that out.

Locksmith play an important role in opening locked trunks within the shortest period of time possible. The Low Rate locksmith staffs are one of the best locksmiths, no matter the position of the keys inside you trunk or type of the locks.

The Low Rate locksmith staff have no competitors thus the best trunk lockout service providers in car lockout services.

If your doors and trunk are locked though, it is time to start thinking about prices. Like I mentioned earlier, different factors make different prices. For example, if your trunk is deadlocked – an extra layer of protection for your car – it is going to cost more than if you just had a standard lock. Most people don’t even know that their trunk is deadlocked until the locksmith comes and informs them, so keep that in mind as well.

Broken Car Keys

Broken Car Keys

Having a broken car key is another way that you can get locked out of your car. It’s no fun either, but if you have a spare key on hand then you are out of the woods. I do suggest that you get another key made though to become your new spare key. If your key is broken, do not attempt to open the car with it anymore as that will cause further damage and costs. Having a broken key is going to cost you though as you will have to pay the locksmith to not only get you into the car but to also get you a new key. If you have a spare key in the car though, then you will be fine once your locksmith opens up the car for you.

Transponder Key Issues

Transponder Key Issues

If you have a transponder key and it is not working, it can be for a couple of reasons. One of the easiest to handle is if the batteries are done. This will make the situation easy, unless you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. Then, you might still need to call somebody. If, however your transponder key was not properly programmed, then you are going to need to enlist the help of a locksmith.

This situation is quite common and it happens more often to people who get more copies of their transponder key made. These types of keys are used with more of the newer vehicles and their make-up is very different than your average key. When thinking of getting a locksmith, take this into account about the price; you will have to get your key reprogrammed after all.

How much does it cost to unlock a car?

There are quite a few elements to take into account when figuring out the final cost of a car unlocking service you might call, but it is a good idea to start from the base prices. The service call will run you $29, and a car lockout is priced from $90-$150. This already lands you at $100 and the final price will raise depending on the lockout situation that you have found yourself in.

If you have some broken keys, then you are looking at $170. This includes the service fee and the base price. If you need to get a new pair of keys made, then it will run you even more. You don’t have to get your new keys made by the same locksmith but if you do, that will be an added cost.

If your old key is broken inside of the lock, you will have to factor in the price of the key extraction. This only counts if there is still some of your key in the lock. Broken key extraction will run you $65 so it is safe to assume that this situation will run you $115 at a minimum.

Luxury Automotive

Luxury vehicles are very different from your standard Toyota and so lockout prices will be quite different. The reason why luxury cars are so different is because they’re… well, they are luxury. For example, Tesla, the most secure car ever made so far click here to find out why. The locks will be different and the security features will be too. This will definitely make the cost of a locksmith higher than it would be for an average vehicle. The higher security functions could make it more difficult for your locksmith to get the locks open, so take this into consideration.

Not all locksmiths have tools or technology to unlock these more complex luxury cars, so make sure that you find a locksmith that can actually help you in this situation.

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