Keep Subaru FobRobs at bay with the latest Car key fob replacement solutions

Ever since the news of the flawed Subaru key fobs came into highlight, there has been a surprising increase in the number of car owners heading over to replace their existing key fobs. Subaru key fobs are basically entities of technology and tons of hackers out there have convened the ways to hack these key fobs in a matter of seconds.

With only a few skills at hand and access to your car key fob, hackers can not only jam up the security system of your car bust also cause the locks to open and close at their cues. In such cases, you risk losing your car to thieves. The car security services have labelled these people as FobRobs and in order to stay away from these thieves, you need a proper car security system with unique key fob in place.

Reasons to replace your old Subaru key fob

Drive and park in peace

No need to double check the locks as your new car key fob will be able to minimize any potential threats posed to your car’s security. It is estimated that over 70% of car owners face key fob anxiety in which they never know whether the key fob signals have been strong enough to lock the doors. If you have to manually check the door locks every time you go out, the purpose of car key fobs comes to an end. A new car key fob will not only ensure that the signals have a good range but also lock the doors in one go.

Discourage hackers

The incidents of key fob hacking are getting more prevalent these days. Call it driver’ negligence or hacker’s cunning, Subaru car key fobs are getting hacked at an alarming rate. Although the manufacturer has claimed to rectify the security flaws, the risk of hackers is constantly impending. To minimize these risks, your best shot is to replace your car key fob as frequently as possible. Replacing car key fobs means replacing the technology device linked to your car security. The more devices you change, the lesser are the risks for hackers to jam up your car security.

Keep your vehicle for longer

Your Subaru might be one of your most valuable and endearing investments you can ever make in your lifetime. Instead of just blindly letting it fall a prey to hackers and thieves, it is wise to take necessary security measures to keep the risks at bay. Getting a new car key fob is a great way to secure your investment and enjoy it for a lifetime to come. Once you have reinforced your vehicle with better security technology, you can expect to keep your vehicle for longer time period.

Add an additional layer of security

Believe it or not but Subaru’s are greatly benefitted by a new and safe car key fob. After your car door locks and ignition keys, your car key fobs are the next best layer of security against thieves and break ins. Periodic replacement of car key fobs is favorable as it not only resets the whole car security system but also offers an additional layer of security against theft and potential hacking attacks.

Hassle free driving

Parking a car and getting back to check the door locks manually is more frustrating than anything else. Whether you are driving your car or moving out after parking it, convenience and security shall be among your top priorities. If you want to experience a smooth and hassle-free driving experience, it is best to take a step further and request the replacement of car key fobs.

Replace your Subaru Car security system today

Have you finally made up your mind to take a step further into your car security? You can start from maintaining your ignition slot and door locks to reinforcing car access and replacing car key fobs today.

As a leader in the world of car security maintenance services providers, we hold the equipment, expertise and experience to handle car key fob replacement and repair needs. Whether you want to replace the car key fob battery or simply want to replace your old car key fob with a new, compatible one, we have got your covered. Here is what we are offering:

  • Car door lock repair and replacement
  • Car door access maintenance services
  • Ignition slot and ignition key maintenance and repair
  • Car key fob replacement and repair services

Got any custom demands? Call us today and prepare your car to get the best security system.

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