Locking your car door isn’t hard, you probably do it all the time. The only problem is that because locking the car door is so easy, we can often do it by accident, with the keys still inside. This is troublesome and you can always call an auto locksmith if you don’t feel like trying to do it yourself, but if you don’t mind attempting it, we would be happy to tell you a few ways that you can get back into your car. There are three basic ways of getting back in, let’s learn!

Wedge and Probe (Wedges)

 This is the most common practice and that is using a wedge to get the door to open. This might seem like a very harmful way to open the car door but it is, in fact, one of the safest. There are different types of wedges and of course, some might cause more damage than others but this is still one of the most harmless methods. The wedge is placed in between the car door and the car frame. Pushing it into the crevice will create a point of entry that will allow you to slip a bar or other long tool inside to unlock the car. If you have a BMW that was made between 1996 and 2000, then you are going to need to try and grab the keys. This is because the electronic locks are useless because once the key is removed the battery is off.

There are different wedges like inflatable ones, rubber ones, and ones that are just a plain piece of wood. If you are using a wood wedge or a manual wedge, it would be a good idea to wrap it in a cloth so that it does not damage your paint. Also, keep in mind that once you wedge the door open you want to move quickly; keeping it in that state for long periods is dangerous. Also, be careful when you wedge the door, you don’t want the window to break or any permanent damage to the car.

Probe Tools


 With many different door locks, it is important to assess the exact probe tool that you are going to need to manipulate your lock or grab your keys. Using this with the wedge tool is great and can make the whole process a lot easier. A coat hanger is a good idea and it can be made more durable by bending t in half. It is also important that your probe tool of choice is no bigger in diameter than that of a pen. This will assure that it will be able to fit through the hole that the wedge made.


 Make sure that the tools that you decide to use are up to the task and can do the job that is needed for them. This means that if you are trying to click your lock, a stick might not be the best tool. If however, you are trying to hook your keys, a thin stick with a thin extended branch might just do the trick. Also, you want to make sure that your tool will be able to handle the pressure. If you need to push the lock up, a very thin stick may snap and cause you to have to start over again. Make sure that the area around the wedge is properly covered so that it doesn’t damage your car. Also, make sure that the wedge provides enough space that you will be able to fit your probe inside. Remember, be careful and don’t leave the probe in the door for too long.


Key Take-Aways

 Figure out which probe tool will be best for manipulating your lock.

 Make sure that your probe tool isn’t thicker than a pen. 

Closed Doorway Tools

Using a Slim Jim is the method that most people think about when it comes to having to open a car. This tool is most likely one of the more common types of closed doorway tools. This means that the door will remain sealed even though the door is being opened. The Slim Jim is most effective on post locks with only a few concessions. Finesse and a light touch are important when it comes to this tool.

There are a lot of wires on the inside of the door and you do not want to damage any of the electronics by haphazardly swinging the Slim Jim around. You have to carefully move the Slim Jim along the path of the lock until you see the lock moving. Once the Slim Jim has moved the lock, gently pull it upwards to unlock the door! Don’t do too much experimenting as this can cause you to have to get a new car door.

Key Take-Aways

Take a good look at your door locks and decide which closed door tool is best.

Be careful when moving the tool.

Pay attention to any snagging; this could be a sign of damage.



 Picking the lock on your car may be easier than picking the lock of a home, so you may be able to do it even with little to no experience. If you have a hard time picking the lock, it might be good to know that jiggler keys and tryout keys can help to unlock your car door if it has a wafer style lock. The one downfall is that because of the age we live in with everything becoming digitized, it is practically impossible to pick the lock of a newer car.


Key Take-Aways

Car locks might be easier to pick than home locks.

Jiggler keys or tryout keys can open your car if it has a wafer lock.

It is almost impossible to pick newer car locks because of the digital age. 



 While it is always more than okay to call a locksmith if you find yourself in a lockout situation, there is no shame in trying yourself. Staying calm and trying is important. Also, patience. You might mess up a couple of times, but then, the relief and joy you will feel if you get it is amazing. Make sure that you are careful as you don’t want to do any more damage. If you are not one hundred percent confident in your abilities and you are worried that you might break something, maybe don’t do it. Remember, calling a locksmith is not a bad thing.

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