If your door won’t open or close from the inside or outside, there could be a plethora of reasons why. How you can or cannot fix this issue depends on if you have your car keys with you and if they are working. This is not a DIY article about the many different ways you can get into your car, featuring a coat hanger that you somehow have nearby and an air wedge even though you are miles from the nearest hardware store. This is simply going to help you figure out what the problem is and how you can fix it.

  1. Deadlock


 This feature is normal when it comes to certain cars such as a Volvo or a BMW. If you have working keys, this won’t be a problem. If your key, however, does not work, then this is going to be a problem. This type of car lockout is much worse than a normal one.

 Solving the Issue

 If You Have the Keys

– If you have your keys and they are working, then this really shouldn’t be a problem. Even in the case that the key broke in the lock, all you need to do is copy that key and then bam, you are good to go. Of course, if you had the key, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. 

 Having a spare key is so important. After all, if something happens to the original like it getting stuck in the lock, then you don’t need to worry because you still have another key. If you are reading this now and you aren’t in any car trouble, maybe just reading it out of interest, and you don’t have a spare key, please make one as soon as possible. You will save yourself so much trouble.



If You Lost the Keys

 Being locked out of a car is troublesome. That only increases when it is a car with a deadlock. If, and you really should, you are going to call a locksmith to help you, you are going to need to get a locksmith that has a really good amount of experience. This is one of the most complicated types of lockout. This means, you guessed it, the price is going to be higher than it would normally cost. Unless you can see your keys right inside the car, don’t break your window. Be smart and know when it is time to call a professional locksmith.

  1. Broken Lock


 This can pretty much be just as bad as if the car was deadlocked. It is worse than some types of lockouts, like lost keys for instance, but it isn’t the worse. As long as there is one door that has a working lock, you aren’t in too much trouble. If however, you don’t have a single door that doesn’t have a broken lock… I don’t even know what to say to you. What happened my good friend? Don’t leave this issue to sit for many days to come, because it puts you at risk. Accessing your car from the working door and leaving the others broken just isn’t a good idea.

Solving the Issue

If You Have the Keys

 You can open the door that isn’t broken, hop in, drive home, and call a locksmith. Or… you can evaluate the broken lock and try to fix it yourself. I never suggest trying to fix these things yourself unless you have a very good understanding of what you are doing. I mean, of course, it is possible to try and fix it yourself, but please, unless you are completely confident in your abilities, please don’t do it.

 If you must do it yourself, please be careful taking the door apart, removing the panel. This will give you access to the car lock. You need to be careful because there are a lot of different wires. Try to see what is broken and I guess, try to fix it. You really shouldn’t though. Please just call a locksmith.

If You Lost the Keys

 You still need to get back into the car, but please leave the lock that is broken alone, it’s already broken. Don’t break it more. However you want to get back into your car through a not broken lock, (picking, bumping, a locksmith), do it. Once you have gotten back in, it is time to get a new key made and call a locksmith to repair your broken lock. Or try to do it yourself… I guess.

  1. Door Damage


 It is likely that if you were in an accident, your door is damaged in a way that may not allow you to open it. If this is the case, your door will not be able to open from the inside or outside because it is most likely a bodywork issue. It isn’t deadlocked and all the locks work, it’s just that the door is stuck in the door frame.



This is something that can be pretty obvious to detect or not so much. It is usually only one door that is causing this issue and you can check if the issue is the door itself by trying to unlock it the conventional way. If you see that the locks unlock but the door won’t open, then you can be sure it is the door causing the problem and not the lock.

Solving the Issue


 If this is the problem you are dealing with, you are likely going to need to replace the whole door. If you’re lucky, you won’t need to replace the door frame. When an issue like this pops up there are two things to note. One, because it is structural damage, it is going to cost more. Two, this is not the job for a locksmith, but a mechanic.

 Please be careful if you attempt to open the door yourself as this can just cause more damage, such as the window glass breaking, and then you have to pay more money.

 General Tips


 See if any of the doors will open from the inside or the outside.

If you decide to take the door panel off, be careful that you do not damage the plastic latches.

 Inspect the parts that move in the door when you are activating the lock from the inside and the outside.

You need to be in the car to solve most of these problems.

 If you decide to try to fix the lock yourself, be careful. Disturbing the wires can be dangerous as they can activate automatic windows, airbags, or car alarms.

Don’t be scared to call a locksmith; they will help you.

Closing Advice


 You are most likely going to need a locksmith to help you in this situation, but it isn’t something to be embarrassed about or upset about. They’re here to help you get back into your car with as little trouble as possible.

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