Fire doors or any type of door that has to do with fire can prove to be a bit of a mystery to the average homeowner. These doors are not often used or acknowledged unless an emergency pops up that requires the use of said door.

Any company however that has a plan in case of emergency will inform you about how fire doors or fire rated doors are a big part of the plan. Even homeowners that have assessed and created a home security plan can tell you about the great benefits a fire door has to their overall safety.

If you have a fire door lock, it is safe to assume that you have a fire door or a fire rated door. These doors are used to contain the spreading of fire inside of a commercial or residential property. These doors are different from regular doors as they are made to be fir resistant. These doors can handle quite a bit of heat!

Fire Door Lock Requirements

While fire doors differ from regular doors, there are some components that are similar. For example, your fire door should allow you the ability to leave your home or re-enter it like a regular door. These doors should also be fully functional in case of an emergency where you need to get out quick!

The fire door must have the ability to contain a fire to a specific area which prevents it from spreading throughout the building and causing damage and danger. Just because you installed a fire door, that doesn’t mean that you can have rugs or carpet near the fire door! This will still cause fire and will aid in spreading the fire rather than containing it.

Any and every fire door should be placed on hinges that are a part of the fire door lock. One thing to note though is that the hinges have to be steel bearing or heavy duty steel hinges. Other materials simply would not be able to handle the intenseness and pure pressure of high heat like steel is able to. If you decide to go with any ole’ hinges, just know that this can lead to your door not working correctly in a dangerous situation.

There are some requirements the fire doors have to reach and if for any reason anything messes up its main function, then a lot of trouble can ensue. Making sure that your fire doors are on proper hinges is a good start.

There are a few different options when you are choosing which lock to go with your fire door. It really does depend on what the purpose is for your fire door.

It is imperative that all fire doors have an active latch to help keep fire contained in a certain are of the building. Deadbolts can be used here with these latch bolts, but it is important to make sure that the door you and the deadbolt to is not an exit door as deadbolts are not active latch bolts and can make exits pretty difficult.

If you do put a deadbolt on your fire door, make sure that it is made out of a good fire resistant material and that the door is made to contain the fire. It is good to have an active latching device so that the door can be closed from fires but also allow people to exit if need be.

Keep in mind that there are different types of fire doors and not all of them will be mechanical. Some fire doors have electronic locks and these should always be checked to make sure that they are fail secure. This will ensure that even if there is an outage, the lock will remain firmly in place. These locks, once again, should only be used on doors that are not meant for exiting.

One other thing that is important when it comes to fire doors is making sure that they are placed correctly. Knowing the layout of your building will allow you to have a good idea about where fire doors should go and where they are needed.

Securing Emergency Exits

Fire door locks are an important addition to fire doors and while other locks are great and serve their purpose, it is important to use a fire lock on a fire door. These locks make the emergency exit points even more secure because the can operate as potential exit points while also stopping fires from spreading. If you are confused about what a fire door is, it is pretty simple to find as most often than not, they are labeled appropriately. Probably to make sure that someone doesn’t just use it for any unnecessary reason.


Fire doors and fire door locks are different from other types of locks and door, but as long as you are informed about the best way to place these as well as the best way to maintain them, you should be alright!

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