The Signature Series Deadbolt (Square) with Home Connect with Z-Wave 500 Technology is yet another product to hit the white-hot smart lock segment.

According to Allied Market Research, the worldwide smart lock marketplace was worth around $416 million in 2016 and is expected to climb to a valuation of a whopping $1.175 billion by 2020.

So does Kwikset’s Signature Series Deadbolt (Square) with Home Connect with Z-Wave 500 Technology, hereafter referred to as Signature Series Deadbolt, offer enough of a value proposition to warrant serious consideration from homeowners or business owners?

This review will get into the nitty-gritty of this smart deadbolt product by looking at what it is, the features, compatible technologies, and the cost — all before rendering a final verdict.

What is it?

The Signature Series Deadbolt offers users the remote access they would expect from a smart deadbolt product. By using this product, users can control and monitor the deadbolt lock remotely using the Kwikset’s Home Connect wireless technology.

Looking under the hood of the technology to see the proverbial nuts and bolts, users will find that Home Connect helps people to easily control their appliances whether their ovens, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners or any other appliance. This technology is integrated into Signature Series Deadbolt, which is available in Venetian Bronze and Satin Nickel finishes.


The deadbolt offers a feature set that, according to Kwikset’s website, include the following:

  • Deadbolt with motor-operated latch that facilitates remote locking and unlocking
  • Check feature allows users to determine whether deadbolt is locked or unlocked
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified with the Z-Wave 500 chipset
  • Extended wireless range with 128-bit wireless encryption
  • Latch allows misaligned doors to lock without pushing or pulling door shut
  • BHMA grade 2 certified
  • SmartKey technology makes it easy to re-key the lock as needed
  • Offers 30 user codes plus master code feature
  • 20-minute fire rating and UL certified
  • Patented side locking bar technology helps safeguard against lock bumping techniques used by criminals to circumvent pin and tumbler locks
  • Easy to install – only tool needed is screwdriver, and there’s no hard wiring needed

The deadbolt’s feature set is a big plus. From full 128-bit encryption security to dozens of possible user codes and from anti-lock bumping functionality to the ability to check if the deadbolt is locked or unlocked, Signature Series Deadbolt packs a lot of security features under the proverbial hood. And that’s a good thing given that the product itself is part of the first line of defense for businesses or homeowners.

Compatible Technologies

As should be expected from any true smart product intended for home or business, Signature Series Deadbolt is compatible with various third-party technologies. These include Vera, Ring, Alexa, SmartThings and Wink. Business owners and homeowners who already have any of these compatible technologies will be able to integrate them with Signature Series Deadbolt for enhanced functionality.


The deadbolt can be bought locally and online from retailers that include, but are not limited to, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Wayfair, and As for prices, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 to $160 or so. Check out Kwikset’s Where to Buy page to find a retailer and to compare prices for the best deal.

Final Verdict

So, is Signature Series Deadbolt worth checking out? Given the feature set and the integrated Home Connect technology, homeowners and business owners would do well to have Signature Series Deadbolt on their consideration list if looking for a smart deadbolt for their front door.


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