It’s a sad fact but drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for kids under five. Even if they can swim, kids are not safe if unsupervised but while you can’t stop kids being attracted to water you can stop them

getting near it when you’re not around.

Introducing the new Magna latch series 3. For over 20 years, parents worldwide of trusted magnets to keep kids safe Magna latch tappable is the ideal child safety gate class the release is out of toddlers reach and it’s magnetic action shuts every time and stays shut plus its key lockable for extra safety.

FEATURES of The MagnaLatch®:

• World’s first safety latch with integrated electronic alarms

•Visual and audible alarms (double safety)

• Alarm notifies if a gate is not latched (not just “closed”)

• Single alert beep each time gate is entered/exited (visitor or intruder)

• Full alarm only if gate left open 15 seconds (no repeated, annoying alarms)

• Quick and easy to install (no special tools, no wires, no electricians)

Now magnet series 3 introduces innovation that makes it safer than ever a new visible indicator shows you at a glance whether the gate is locked or unlocked .

The new Magna latch alert electronic model now has built-in sensors to give an audible and visual alarm so even from a distance you can see and hear when the gate is open and closed or if it’s locked or unlocked

That’s unbeatable security unique to Magna watch Magna latch is easily fitted to almost any gate with no special tools plus it’s easy to adjust so that gates sag or ground shift is never a problem tested

to last a lifetime.

Magna latch easily meets international safety standards and has won a prestigious Australian design award and like all DMD technology’s high performance Hardware the new magnet Series 3 comes with a lifetime warranty.

That should keep generations of children safe look for new Magna h3 and all good hardware stores or ask a local fencing model or for more information visit DD tech global calm.

The MagnaLatch® ALERT gate latch is the ultimate child safety gate latch. It combines D&D Technologies’ legendary gate latching technology with an electronic alarm system! This latch features dual alarms: an audible alarm and flashing LED (orange) lights for the ultimate in child protection. So pool and home owners, along with childcare center’s, can now hear and see from a distance, or even from the house or office, when a gate is left open or unlatched. Brilliant. Its magnetically triggered latching action makes it especially safe and reliable. It is ideal for gates around swimming pools, childcare center’s, kindergartens, creches etc — anywhere child safety is critical.


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