In case it is unclear, a key finder is used to help you find your keys. Plain and simple right? The devices can pair with most smartphones and it will help you to find your keys! The average range is 100 feet and the sound 90 decibels; these are the specifics for mid-tier devices.


  1. TrackR

There are two options with this device, the TrackR Pixel, and the TrackR Bravo. These devices are pretty similar and one of if not the main reason to get one over the other is because the TrackR Pixel has a 90 decibel sound while the Bravo only has 82.


  1. E-Byta

One of the best things about this specific key finder is the price. It is not at all expensive and you can even get one that costs around $7.00. The battery life is quite substantial; about 6-8 months. Some people say it lasts longer, some people claim less, but at the end of the day, if the battery dies you can just replace it.

When pairing this device with a smart app, there is an additional feature of an alarm. The alarm informs you when the E-Byta and your phone have lost connection. The range that the key and your phone have to stay in is not exactly known and different customers say different things. For what you are paying though, this key is not a bad choice. 


  1. Bodyguard


 Like a lot of other key finders, this key comes with some different options for you to choose from. Although there is a circle on and a square one, the inner mechanisms don’t change for the sake of the design.


 Keeping your phone and keys nearby is good for this one because to be honest, a lot of people were saying that it doesn’t have much range. If you are looking for one that has more range… it isn’t this one.


  1. Njoiii

If you don’t like changing batteries often, this Bluetooth key finder is the one for you. This device claims to have battery life for 12-18 months, which is one of the longest battery lives for key finders. Of course, once the battery does die, you can replace it.


 The price is more affordable than some of the others that are on our list however, it isn’t that cheap. Also, although it claims to be water-resistant, there isn’t much information on this so… maybe keep it away from water.


  1. Xenzy


 For only about $15 you can get three of these Bluetooth key finders! Isn’t that great? The look might make you hesitant to purchase it because you are probably asking yourself, “Can I even attach this to my keys?” Not to worry, lanyards are available. Having three of them are great because you can attach them to your house key, your car key and your spare key.


 75 feet is the range that is advertised do make sure to keep your phone within that. A ring will sound if you are out of that range and you will realize, “oh man, I left my keys!”


  1. Legacy Plus


 This key finder stands out from the rest because of the range. That’s right, a whole one hundred and sixty-four feet. Makes more of an impact when you spell out the number, I think. This makes it even stand up with the Tile Sport.


 The range alone should make the price high to match its competition right? Wrong. The Legacy Plus is on the more inexpensive side when compared to its fellow long ranger key finders. It also has been upgraded so that the beeping alarm is more audible if covered or in a loud area.




  1. Uniclife


This is a different type of key finder as it uses a remote rather than your cell phone or some other type of smart device. It is important that you do not fall for some other ‘key finders’ that look similar and have no branding. These are probably frauds and it would be a good idea to avoid them. There is a yearlong warranty, the remote has good distance and the batteries are fairly simple to change.


  1. AIKO Finder


 This key finder takes out those annoying batteries and instead can be recharged by using a micro USB port. The app will even inform you about when your key finder needs to be charged; great right? You can buy it in a pack of four so that you have one for your house keys, car keys, spare house key, and spare car key. Or you can get it individually; it is up to you. 


  1. Pixie


 The pixie is a cool key finder and it is quite different from a lot of the other ones. This device uses arrows and ‘pixie dust’ to help you track down your missing keys. You can even get a pixie with an attached iPhone case. It only has iPhone cases though so if you have a Samsung, the just get the pixie by itself. You can slip the pixie into your wallet or a bag and using the helpful app, you will be able to locate it!


  1. find


 The fix doesn’t really differ too much from the other average key finders, but it is an established brand and the company will respond if you are having trouble with your key finder. If you need to have a company that you can talk to when you run into issues, this is the company for you!


  1. Orbit


 This 100% aluminum key finder looks and feels like a sleek piece of machinery. Even though this is one slick piece of machinery, you can still change the battery with a special too. This tracker also comes with a wide variety of colors (I didn’t see yellow though…) and it is one of the best looking key finders around if it’s your taste that is. Aside from that, it’s pretty much another mid-tier Bluetooth tracker.


  1. CUBE Key Finder


 To be honest, aside from the fact that the CUBE is rubber rather than metal or plastic, it pretty much fits right in with the other mid-tier finders. It does have a pretty cool look to it though, and if the rubber design is a plus to you, then this is the key finder you need.


  1. Pebblebee

Now, this key finder sticks out because its range is advertised as 200 feet; double the standard found in the industry. There are a few color options but it is only black, silver, or rose gold; hope you didn’t want orange. If you don’t mind this little detail, then it should be alright. 


 The speaker on the Pebblebee is a loudspeaker which means that it is not waterproof. If the sound is more important than if it gets wet by all means, pick this one up!


  1. Nut Find3


 No, this device will not help you to find walnuts or cashews, but it does have a pretty unique design. I like the different colors they offer, but you might not; to each their own I always say. The device has a good grip because of the raised grooves and it provides you with the mid-tier 100 feet and 90 decibels. The only thing that makes this device a little shady is the many websites that claim to be the official website. A little nutty, no?


  1. keyring


 The key ringer is great for those that don’t want to bring their smart device into play. Or perhaps, they need a key finder but they don’t have a smart device. This particular model works because you get two and they activate the alarm on each other. This device can communicate up to 300 feet and that is great and all but the downside is that you don’t want to misplace the key with the key ringer on it and then the other one as well. Make sure you keep these devices in a safe place so that you don’t end up losing one or both of them.


  1. Chipolo


 The Chipolo PLUS and the Chipolo CLASSIC are difficult to tell apart but it is important to make sure that you know which one you are getting. The Chipolo PLUS has a higher decibel count, has a longer battery life, and is also water-resistant. This key finder is pretty much like the others except for the fact that you can’t take selfies remotely so if that was important to you… I’m sorry.


  1. Tile Tracker


 This is one of the most popular key finders and most other key finders compare themselves to tile when trying to state how they are better. The tile tracker comes with other variations such as Slim, Sport, and Mate. Slim is good for books, purses, wallets, etc. The Tile Mate is more affordable than the Sport, but the Tile Sport boasts an amazing 160 to 170 feet in range.


 The only downside I see in this product is its lack of the ability to change the batteries. You have to instead send in the whole device and then buy another for a discounted price. This alone is enough to deter me from it, but maybe not you. After all, it does promise a whole year of battery life.


Final Thoughts


 A lot of these key finders boats the same specs with some differing in their range and others being more customizable. It all depends on your preference, your price range, and if taking remote selfies are important to you.

Hopefully, you won’t lose your keys again after getting one of these but if you do, Low Rate Locksmith is here to help you; give us a call.


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