Many different sources will tell you all of the steps to replace your deadbolt lock, but who gives you the scoop about the things that happen unexpectedly? Also, who is going to inform you properly about the type of lock that you need to buy for you to get what you were looking for in a replacement lock?



A broken door lock more often than not is more serious than you think and delaying getting that deadbolt replaced is never a good idea. You might want to replace your deadbolt for a different reason though, and you may still have some unanswered questions. Well then, let’s begin!


  1. Why replace a deadbolt lock?


 The whole reason for you changing or replacing the deadbolt lock will be the main influence on every decision you make on this particular topic. It is an important question to ask yourself to answer. The reason will affect your concerns and approach.



Broken or Malfunctioning Deadbolt –  If you want to replace a deadbolt, you are going to need to know why it broke in the first place. Once it breaks, it can give you a better idea about what to consider when you replace it. The whole reason it broke could be because it was poorly made or maybe it wasn’t the right lock for the door.




If your deadbolt breaks, it most likely didn’t spontaneously combust, there was a reason behind it. Maybe it was just old, if that is the case then all you need to do is replace the lock correctly. Another common problem when replacing a broken deadbolt is that there could be an issue with the door or the key and not the actual lock. Don’t replace the lock if it isn’t broken.








Upgrading Security –  If you are replacing the deadbolt in hopes of upping the security, it is important to know how much force the new deadbolt will be able to take and how good it is at deflecting picking. It is important to know what protection you were getting from your previous lock so that you can decide if that is the protection you still want or if you want to go up from there. Chances are, you want to upgrade.




Aesthetics – Wanting your lock to be aesthetically pleasing is understandable, but if you are compromising the safety of your space for it, is that a good idea? When it comes to replacing a deadbolt, you want to make sure that you use double or single cylinders appropriately. 


Unless the deadbolt was inappropriately used from the jump, you will most likely be replacing one deadbolt with another. You shouldn’t use a different lock as a replacement as the deadbolt was put there for safety.


  1. What kind of door do you have?


 The type of deadbolt you use will depend on what type of door you are installing it on. If the door is glass or partially glass, then you are going to need to use a double cylinder deadbolt. This is especially important if you are replacing the deadbolt to get additional security. If you use the wrong lock on a glass door it can make criminals have an easier time getting in.



If your door is hollow, just forget about replacing the deadbolt; it’s pointless. Your door is so weak that whatever lock you have doesn’t matter. A better option would just be to get a locking door handle… or replace your door. Unless we are talking about a bathroom door. If that’s the case… why do you want to put a deadbolt on the bathroom door anyway? 


  1. Are you adding a new lock to the door?


 Maybe the door is new, or maybe you just want to add another deadbolt to an old door. Whichever one it is, you need to know what type of door you are planning on installing this deadbolt on. If the door does not come with pre-drilled cross boreholes for mounting deadbolts… it probably wasn’t meant to hold them in the first place. Hollow doors are a good example of not being able to hold deadbolts.

The issue that you will more likely than not run into is that you are weakening the door. Every time you add a hole where there wasn’t one, you are removing material and therefore weakening it. Adding metal slipcovers and heavy locks will add metal where the wood was taken in large amounts.


  1. Have you taken your measurements before you replace your deadbolt lock?


 If you are replacing the deadbolt with the same one you had prior, then you don’t need to worry about measuring. If however, you are getting a new one, then you need to know the size of the holes that were pre-drilled into your door. This means the width of the door, the diameter of the hole, and the length of the cross-bore hole.


  1. Are you planning to make other upgrades when you replace your deadbolt lock?


 Once you replace the deadbolt, you can now consider some other security upgrades. If the whole reason that you replaced the deadbolt was for security reasons, then this is extremely important. There are basic ways to upgrade door security like getting a stronger door or lengthening the screws, but when replacing a deadbolt the best thing to do would be to add hardware protection. Oh, and getting at least three-inch screws for the strike plate.


  1. Is the replacement deadbolt going to be electronic?


 Convenience, security, or aesthetics are just a few reasons why someone would want to get an electronic deadbolt. There are lots of different electronic deadbolts, but if this is for your home it is most likely that you are going to consider a smart lock. Of course, the question remains, which is safer; electronic or traditional?


 If you are not too keen about having a lock that opens using your phone, you can simply get a keypad lock. This will allow you to forget all about keys but then again things aren’t getting too technologically advanced for you. Some issues to consider are power and the newness of these locks. If the power goes out that is troublesome for getting back in your home. Also, because these locks are still pretty new, there are still issues and things that could be problematic.




  1. Where are you buying your replacement deadbolt lock?


 I hope not in the alleyway. No, I’m kidding. Really though, I hope not. If you only want to remove the current lock and get the same make and model, you can just pop it out, bring it to Home Depot, and get a new one exactly like it. Unless you’ve invested in an amazing door lock behind our backs, you probably have a Schlage, Baldwin, or Kwikset lock. These can be found at most hardware stores with no problem.


 If you want a real door lock, then you need to avoid hardware stores and brands like Schlage, Kwikset, and Baldwin. It’s time to go to…. The internet! The number of options can be overwhelming and there is always that stress that what arrives is going to look and act nothing as you thought. Well, as long as you go to a reputable site, and you read some reviews and ask some questions, then all should be well. Just make sure that you pay attention and don’t compare the prices to the ones you saw at Ace; we’re getting real locks now, it might cost more.


  1. Should you call a locksmith to replace your deadbolt lock?


 If you don’t know what you are doing, yes, call a locksmith. If you attempt to do it yourself and mess up it up in any way you are going to have to call a locksmith. Before you do something bad accidentally, just give a locksmith a call. They’re professionals and they can handle it. If however, you know what you are doing, by all means, go ahead.



Closing Advice


 A lot of people wait or decide to DIY things because they don’t want to pay. Unless you know what you are doing, you are going to have to pay more to fix the damages you made or the damages someone else did because you invested in a cheap deadbolt. Your safety is more important than money, don’t forget that.



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