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Y155 is a key blank by Ilco to fit on Chrysler Dodge Jeep. You can buy it online , click her.

Is Y155/P1793 a metal key?

Y155 is a metal key and it does not have a transponder chip.

Do I need a locksmith do duplicate Y155/P1793 key?

No, you don’t need a locksmith to cut, you can take it to any key duplication store and they will be able to duplicate it for you?

After cutting Y155/P1793 key, do I need to program it to the car to start it?

Since Y155 is just a metal key, it dose not require any programming to the car to start it.

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Y155/P1793 Key blank fits the following cars models and years

  • Chrysler
    • Chrysler 5th Avenue, 1993
    • Chrysler Concord, 1993
    • Chrysler Lebaron, 1993
    • Chrysler New Yorker, 1993
    • Chrysler Town & Country, 1993
  • Dodge
    • Dodge Caravan, 1993
    • Dodge Dakota, 1993
    • Dodge Daytona, 1993
    • Dodge Dynasty, 1993
    • Dodge Grand Caravan, 1993
    • Dodge Intrepid, 1993
    • Dodge Pickup, 1993
    • Dodge Ram Charger, 1993
    • Dodge Spirit, 1993
    • Dodge Van, 1993
  • Eagle
    • Eagle Vision,1993
  • Jeep
    • Jeep Cherokee, 1993
    • Jeep Comanche, 1993
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1993
    • Jeep Wrangler, 1993
  • Plymouth
    • Plymouth Acclaim, 1993
    • Plymouth Grand Voyager, 1993
    • Plymouth Sundance, 1993
    • Plymouth Voyager, 1993

This key is made by Ilco. Here is a list of other key blank keys that works the same as the Y155 key Blank

  • Axxess 17
  • Cole Y155
  • Curtis Y-155
  • ESP Y155
  • Ilco P1793
  • Ilco EZ Y155
  • Jet Y155
  • JMA CHR-10
  • Orion P1793
  • Silca CY19
  • Star CHR93
  • Strattec 595895
Y155 Key Blank

Y155 is a key blank by Ilco to fit on Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

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