The X195/HD98 key, also known as Curtis HD-98 or Ilco X195, is a non-transponder key specifically designed for Honda models manufactured before 1993. Unlike newer keys, this one does not require any programming or coding to start the vehicle.

In this article, we will explore the compatibility of the X195/HD98 key with different Honda models, discuss various options for key replacement, and delve into the cost considerations associated with obtaining a replacement key.

So, if you’re a Honda owner looking for a reliable and cost-effective key solution, keep reading to find out more.

Compatibility With Honda Models Made Before 1993

The X195/HD98 key is compatible with Honda models made before 1993 and does not require any programming or coding. This key is designed specifically for older Honda models, ensuring compatibility without any compatibility issues.

It is a non-transponder key, meaning it does not have a transponder chip. This makes it a straightforward and hassle-free option for those looking to replace their keys.

The X195/HD98 key is readily available, with key blanks easily accessible either online or through locksmiths. The availability of key blanks ensures that getting a replacement key is convenient and cost-effective.

Whether you choose to purchase a key blank online or seek the assistance of a locksmith, the X195/HD98 key offers a reliable and compatible solution for Honda models made before 1993.

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Key Replacement Options and Where to Find Them

Automotive locksmiths offer multiple options for obtaining a replacement key for older Honda models. When it comes to key replacement, there are a few factors to consider, such as key blank availability and whether to choose a locksmith or a dealer. Here are the options to consider:

  1. Call an automotive locksmith: Locksmiths are often the best option for older Honda models as dealers may not have codes for these vehicles. They can provide key cutting services on-site, ensuring a precise fit.
  2. Order a key blank online: Another option is to order a key blank online and have a locksmith cut it for you. This allows you to have more control over the type of key you want and can potentially save you money.
  3. Check with a dealer: While dealers may not have key codes readily available for older Honda models, it’s still worth checking with them. They may have access to the necessary information and can provide key cutting services if needed.

When it comes to key replacement, it’s important to consider your options and choose the method that works best for you.

Programming and Coding Requirements (or Lack Thereof

Locksmiths can cut the X195/HD98 key on-site without the need for programming or coding. This key is a non-transponder key used for Honda models made before 1993.

It offers several benefits compared to transponder keys. Non-transponder keys are generally more affordable and easier to duplicate. Since they do not require programming or coding, locksmiths can quickly cut a new key on-site. This eliminates the need to visit a dealership or wait for special equipment.

Additionally, using a locksmith for key cutting and duplication has its advantages. Locksmiths are highly trained professionals who specialize in key-related services. They have the knowledge and expertise to ensure precise and accurate key cutting, resulting in a functional and reliable replacement key.

This provides peace of mind to car owners, knowing that their non-transponder key will work seamlessly without any programming hassle.

Cost Considerations for a Replacement X195/HD98 Key

Prices for a replacement X195/HD98 key can vary depending on the location, time of day, and service provider. When considering the cost of a replacement key, it’s important to take into account the availability of key blanks. Here are some key cost considerations:

  1. Dealer prices: Dealers may charge around $50 for a replacement X195/HD98 key if they have the security code on file. However, it’s worth noting that dealers may not always have key codes for older models.
  2. Automotive locksmith prices: Automotive locksmiths typically charge around $35 for the service call out and an additional $50 for labor and the key. They can also cut a key if you have the key security code.
  3. Online key blanks: Ordering a key blank online can be a more affordable option, with prices typically around $3. However, you would still need to have a locksmith cut the key for you.

Considering these factors can help you make an informed decision when getting a replacement X195/HD98 key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the X195/Hd98 Key Be Used for Honda Models Made After 1993?

The X195/HD98 key is not compatible with Honda models made after 1993. Using a non-transponder key for newer Honda vehicles has the disadvantage of potentially compromising the vehicle’s security system.

Are There Any Aftermarket Key Options Available for the X195/Hd98?

Yes, there are aftermarket key options available for the X195/HD98. These keys are compatible with older Honda models made before 1993 and can be obtained through automotive locksmiths or online key blank orders.

Can I Program a Transponder Chip Into the X195/Hd98 Key if I Want to Add Additional Security Features?

No, the X195/HD98 key cannot be programmed with a transponder chip for additional security features. It is a non-transponder key that does not require programming or coding to start the vehicle.

What Is the Typical Turnaround Time for Getting a Replacement X195/Hd98 Key From a Locksmith?

The typical turnaround time for a locksmith replacement key varies depending on their workload and availability. It is best to contact the locksmith directly for an estimate on how long it will take to obtain a replacement X195/HD98 key.

Are There Any Alternative Methods for Obtaining a Replacement X195/Hd98 Key if I Don’t Want to Go Through a Locksmith or a Dealer?

Alternative methods for obtaining a replacement X195/HD98 key include DIY options. These may involve finding key blanks online and having them cut by a locksmith or attempting to duplicate the key at a hardware store.