If you own a Honda manufactured after 1996, you may be familiar with the HD106-PT transponder chip-coded key. This key is essential for starting the vehicle, as it needs to be programmed or coded.

Getting a replacement key made can be a hassle, as it requires cutting and programming by an automotive locksmith or a dealer.

In this article, we will delve into the process of replacing the HD106-PT transponder key, from where to get it made to the cost involved.

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Overview of the HD106-PT Transponder Key

The HD106-PT key, also known as a transponder chip-coded key, is commonly used for Honda models manufactured after 1996 and requires programming or coding to start the vehicle. This key is equipped with a hidden chip located at the top, underneath a plastic cover. While HD106-PT is the most common name for this key, it can also be found under other names.

To obtain a new key, one can seek the services of an automotive locksmith who can cut and program the key on-site. Online purchase of a key blank is an option as well, but it still requires a locksmith to cut and program it. Dealerships can also make a replacement key, but the car needs to be towed to their location.

When it comes to programming and coding the HD106-PT key, specialized equipment is required, either from a locksmith or a dealer. Programming involves syncing the key with the car’s computer system, and it cannot be cloned at a hardware store due to its unique requirements.

In terms of cost, prices for this key can vary depending on the source and location. Dealerships may charge around $153, excluding any towing fees, while automotive locksmiths typically charge approximately $223 for parts, labor, and programming. Online purchases of uncut, unprogrammed keys can be as low as $13, but additional costs for cutting and programming services may apply.

When seeking locksmith or dealer services, it is essential to provide accurate information such as the car’s exact year, make, and model, as well as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for verification. Ownership documents, such as the car’s title, ID, and insurance card, may also be required. In some cases, onsite service may be necessary for older models that lack readily available key codes.


Acura CL 1998-2003
Acura EL (CAN) 2001-2002
Acura Integra 2000-2001
Acura MDX 2000-2006
Acura NSX 1997-2005
Acura RSX 2002-2006
Acura RL 1996-2004
Acura TL 1999-2003
Honda Accord 1998-2002
Honda Accord Sedan 1998-2002
Honda Accord Coupe 1998-2002
Honda Civic 2001-2002
Honda Insight 2000-2006
Honda Insight Hybrid 2005-2006
Honda Odyssey 1998-2004
Honda Prelude 1997-2002
Honda S2000 2000-2005

Where to Get a Replacement Key Made

Automotive locksmiths can conveniently cut and program new keys on-site. This is a convenient option for Honda owners who need a replacement key made. Dealers can also make replacement keys, but this often requires towing the car to the dealership. Online purchase of a key blank is possible, but it still needs to be cut and programmed by a locksmith. To help you understand the options available, here is a table comparing the different sources for getting a new key made:

Source Convenience Cost
Automotive Locksmith On-site service Approximately $223
Dealer Towing required Around $153, excluding towing fees
Online Purchase Key needs to be cut and programmed Around $13 for key blank

Choosing an automotive locksmith is often the best choice for Honda owners in need of a replacement key. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to efficiently cut and program the new key, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Programming and Coding for the HD106-PT Key

An automotive locksmith or a dealer requires specialized coding/programming equipment to program the HD106-PT key to start the car. This key, commonly used for Honda models manufactured after 1996, contains a transponder chip that needs to be programmed or coded to the vehicle. The chip is located at the top of the key, hidden under the plastic cover.

Programming the key requires it to be synchronized with the car’s computer system. This process cannot be done at a hardware store as it requires specialized equipment. It is important to have a working key in order to clone a new one without the car being present.

Costs for replacement keys vary depending on the source and location, with dealers charging around $153 (excluding towing fees) and automotive locksmiths charging approximately $223 for parts, labor, and programming.

Cost of Replacing the HD106-PT Transponder Key

Prices for the HD106-PT replacement key can vary depending on the source, such as a dealership, locksmith, or online retailer. To give you an idea of the cost range, here is a table showcasing the approximate prices for this key:

Source Price Range
Dealership $153 (excluding towing fees)
Locksmith $223 (parts, labor, and programming)
Online Retailer $13 (uncut, unprogrammed key)

It’s important to note that these prices are just estimates and may vary depending on your location and any additional services required, such as key cutting and programming. When seeking locksmith or dealer services, be prepared to provide the exact year, make, and model of your car, as well as the VIN for verification. Ownership documents like the title, ID, and insurance card may also be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Program the HD106-PT Key?

The programming time for the HD106-PT key can vary depending on the locksmith or dealer. It typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour to program the key and sync it with the car’s computer system.

Can I Program the HD106-PT Key Myself at Home?

No, the HD106-PT key cannot be programmed at home. Specialized equipment is needed for programming, which is usually available only to automotive locksmiths or dealers. Professional assistance is recommended.

Can I Use a Used HD106-PT Key on My Honda Vehicle?

Yes, a used HD106-PT key can be used on a Honda vehicle, but it needs to be programmed or coded to the car’s computer. This can be done by an automotive locksmith or a dealer.

Is It Possible to Disable the Transponder Chip in the HD106-PT Key?

Yes, the transponder chip in the HD106-PT key can be disabled. However, it requires specialized equipment and knowledge. It is recommended to consult with an automotive locksmith or dealer for assistance with this process.

Are There Any Alternative Options to Getting a Replacement HD106-PT Key if I Don’t Want to Use a Locksmith or Dealership?

There are alternative options for getting a replacement HD106-PT key if one doesn’t want to use a locksmith or dealership. These options can include online retailers that offer key cutting and programming services.