In a world where security is paramount, the Honda Transponder Key N5F-AO5TAA stands as a reliable guardian for Honda owners. This transponder chip-coded key, available for models manufactured after 2011, offers peace of mind and protection.

But what happens when this key is lost or needs a duplicate? Fear not, for there are options available. From automotive locksmiths who can program and cut a new key, to dealerships that offer replacements, this article will explore the ins and outs of obtaining a new N5F-AO5TAA key.

Overview of the N5F-AO5TAA Key

The N5F-AO5TAA key, also known as HON-498-DS and FCC: N5F-AO5TAA, is a transponder chip-coded key that is used for Honda models made after 2011. This key is essential for starting the car as it contains a hidden transponder chip located at the top, underneath a plastic cover.

The N5F-AO5TAA key is sold under different names but can be identified by the key blank code N5F-AO5TAA. To get a new key made, the best option is to approach an automotive locksmith who can program the key to the car’s computer. Alternatively, one can order a key blank online and then have it cut and programmed by a locksmith.

Dealerships can also make replacement keys, but this often requires towing the car to the dealership. Programming and coding of the N5F-AO5TAA key is necessary, and it requires specialized equipment that is not available at hardware stores. The cost of a replacement key can vary depending on the provider, with estimates ranging from $185 at a dealership to around $250 at an automotive locksmith.

For duplicating a key, hardware stores are not equipped to program transponder keys, so it is best to approach a locksmith shop or dealership. Cloning a new key is possible when a working key is available, without the need for the car to be present. In such cases, the dealer is the most cost-effective option.

When requesting key services, it is important to provide the exact year, make, and model of the car, as well as the VIN and ownership documents.

Compatible with the following vehicles and part numbers FCC ID:

OUCG8D-380H-A / N5F-S0084A / KR55WK49308/ MLBHLIK-1T / N5F-AO5TAA
2003-2012 Honda Accord
2010-2011 Honda Accord Crosstour
2006-2013 Honda Civic
2005-2012 Honda CR-V
2007-2012 Honda Fit
2005-2010 Honda Odyssey
2008-2015 Honda Pilot
2006-2012 Honda Ridgeline

Where to Get a New Key Made

An automotive locksmith is the best choice for getting a new key made for a Honda model manufactured after 2011. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to program the transponder chip key, ensuring it can start the car. While ordering a key blank online is an option, it still requires a locksmith for cutting and programming. Going to the dealer is also an option, but it involves towing the car to the dealership, which can be inconvenient and costly.

Here is a table summarizing the options for getting a new key made:

Option Description
Automotive Locksmith Best choice for programming the transponder chip key to the car’s computer.
Online Order a key blank online and then call a locksmith for cutting and programming.
Dealer Can make a replacement key but requires towing the car to the dealership.

Programming and Coding for the N5F-AO5TAA Key

Automotive locksmiths or dealers can provide the necessary programming service for the N5F-AO5TAA key. Here are four key points to know about programming and coding for this key:

  1. Programming is crucial as the N5F-AO5TAA key is a transponder chip key that needs to be coded to the car’s computer.
  2. Special coding/programming equipment is required to program the key correctly.
  3. Automotive locksmiths or dealers have the expertise and necessary equipment to perform the programming service.
  4. The key must be coded to the car in order for it to start, and hardware stores do not carry the required programming device.

When seeking programming and coding services for the N5F-AO5TAA key, it is recommended to consult an automotive locksmith or dealer who can provide the expertise and equipment needed to ensure proper functionality.

Cost of N5F-AO5TAA Replacement Key

Locksmiths or dealers charge approximately $185 for a replacement key, excluding towing costs.

When it comes to the cost of replacing the N5F-AO5TAA key, it’s important to consider various factors. Dealers typically charge around $185 for a replacement key, but this does not include any additional costs for towing the car.

On the other hand, automotive locksmiths may charge an estimate of $250, which includes the cost of parts, labor, and programming. It’s worth noting that online purchases of key blanks for around $40 are possible, but cutting and programming services are still required.

Ultimately, the choice between a dealer and a locksmith will depend on the individual’s preferences and convenience. However, it’s important to ensure that the key is properly programmed to the car’s computer for it to function correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Program the N5F-AO5TAA Key Myself Without the Help of a Locksmith or Dealer?

No, programming the N5F-AO5TAA key without professional help is not recommended. It requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Contact an automotive locksmith or dealer for proper programming to ensure the key functions correctly with the car’s computer.

Is It Possible to Purchase a Pre-Programmed N5F-AO5TAA Key Online?

No, it is not possible to purchase a pre-programmed N5F-AO5TAA key online. This key requires programming to the car’s computer, which can only be done by an automotive locksmith or dealer.

How Long Does It Typically Take to Program the N5F-AO5TAA Key to a Car’s Computer?

Typically, it takes around 30 minutes to an hour to program the N5F-AO5TAA key to a car’s computer. This process involves using special coding equipment and can be done by an automotive locksmith or a dealer.

Can I Use a Used N5F-AO5TAA Key From Another Honda Vehicle and Program It to My Own Car?

Using a used N5F-AO5TAA key from another Honda vehicle and programming it to one’s own car is not recommended. Proper coding and programming are crucial for the key to work correctly and ensure the security of the vehicle.

Are There Any Aftermarket Options Available for the N5F-AO5TAA Key That May Be More Cost-Effective?

Yes, there are aftermarket options available for the N5F-AO5TAA key that may be more cost-effective. These options include purchasing a compatible key blank online and then having a locksmith cut and program it.