Trunk locks are similar to car door locks, but depending on your car, it may be a different mechanism used throughout your car. You do need to make sure that you take care of them just as you would your car door locks as this will help to prevent this situation from happening in the first place.

You can try to fix the situation yourself or you can enlist the help of a professional. This may seem like a simple problem with a simple solution, but there are a lot of things to take into account. Before making a decision on how you are going to open your trunk, understand your situation.

Reasons Your Trunk Won’t Open

This can be a frustrating situation for you but it is important to stay calm so that you can properly analyze the situation. Is your trunk locked because you left the keys in the trunk or because the lock itself is no longer functional? Figuring this out will help if you face this situation again in the future.

1. Locked Keys In Trunk

I know this seems like one of those, “this will never happen to me” situations, but it isn’t. It’s very easy to get your keys locked in the trunk of your car and then essentially, locking yourself out of the whole vehicle.

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2. Broken Trunk Lock

If this happens, it could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps the trunk latch is messed up or some other mechanism is failing. It could be because the lock is worn out of for some reason such as external force. This situation can sometimes go with having a key broken or stuck in the lock.

3. Non-Responsive Key Fob

If you have an older car this may not be an issue that you deal with. However, if you are dealing with key fob failure, it could be due to improper programming or dead batteries. Either situation is no good as it won’t allow you to get into your car.

Trunk Won’t Open? Here’s What To Do

1. Check Your Car Trunk Again

Sometimes in the panic that comes with these situations, you can overlook something as simple tugging a little harder on the trunk. You can try to unlock it again using the key or the key fob. Most cars have more than one way to access the trunk, so make sure that you try every possible option before deciding that you are locked out of your trunk.

2. Check For Interior Access

You can also try to access your trunk from inside the car, but this will only work if your trunk lock isn’t damaged or if the inside of your car even has access to your trunk.  If your lock is broken or damaged you are going to need to contact a locksmith regardless, so take that into consideration.

In certain vehicles, the trunk is easily accessible from the cabin of the car, but this isn’t the case for all cars. If your car isn’t then you can always try to press the manual button, but if your trunk lock is broken, this won’t work.

3. Explore DIY Solutions

DIY solutions are also a way to get into the trunk of your car, but be wary of them. These DIY solutions can, if done wrong, cause more damage to your car and in turn, cost you more money. These solutions may seem enticing and it may seem like it will save you time and money when in fact it is doing you more harm than good.

You can open your vehicle if you have an alternate solution like a spare key in the car. You can also pick the lock, but that can be very problematic if you are not completely confident of your skills in lock picking or if you don’t have the proper tools. You can use some expert tools to get back into your vehicle if the trunk lock is not damaged and no further work needs to be done. Not all of these solutions will work and it is very easy to cause more damage than was intended if you continue to fiddle around with the lock.

4. Contact Low Rate Auto Locksmith

A lot of people are wary of calling locksmiths and they really want that to be the last resort. It is understandable as a lot of locksmiths have a bad reputation for cheating customers and take advantage of their lack of knowledge. I understand that this is something scary that could potentially happen to you, but it is important to make sure that you do not end up causing further damage to your vehicle in your attempt to get in without a locksmith. With proper research and a little bit of patience, you should be able to get in contact with a proper car locksmith that will do a great job of getting your vehicle back in working order.

Even if one of the DIY solutions we offered helps you out, it isn’t a permanent fix to your problem. You will still need a locksmith to fix the issue in the future. Locksmiths are experienced and they know what they are doing. I know it can be scary to contact one because you don’t want to be taken advantage of, but there are good locksmiths out there that will help you. Just make sure you research and keep calm when making decisions.

Make sure that you provide your locksmith with as much information as possible as this will help them to get into your car a lot easier and it will also help them to better understand what they need to bring and do as well as determine the price.


You should now be able to get back into your trunk if you properly followed these steps or if you decided that it is a good idea to contact a locksmith. We want you to be able to get into your trunk without having to badly damage your car. Stay calm and everything should be fine!

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