When replacing your Ford remote key fob KR55WK48801, it is important to have the key cut and programmed by professionals. Verify compatibility with your vehicle’s year, make, and model, and double-check the correct part number. Choose automotive locksmiths like Low Rate Locksmith for competitive pricing, or visit a dealer if you need full services. Anticipate dealer costs around $220 and locksmith services at approximately $335. Online purchases necessitate separate programming. Make sure you provide your vehicle’s details, including VIN, for accuracy. Discover how Low Rate Locksmith’s advanced equipment and nationwide services can streamline the process and save you money.

Key Takeaways

  • Verify key fob compatibility with your Ford’s year, make, model, and part number KR55WK48801.
  • Dealers charge around $220 for key fob and programming, while locksmiths may cost approximately $335.
  • Low Rate Locksmith offers competitive pricing, expert programming, and cutting services nationwide.
  • Online purchases require separate programming, which can be done by a locksmith or dealer.
  • Ensure to provide car details and proof of ownership for accurate and secure service.

Overview and Features

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When considering a Ford remote key fob replacement, first determine if it’s a transponder, non-transponder, or fob push-to-start model. You’ll need to know if it requires cutting and professional programming, which hardware stores typically can’t handle. For the best prices, consider contacting Low Rate Locksmith, who specializes in affordable key fob services.

Is It a Transponder, Non-transponder, or Fob Push-To-Start?

Determining whether your Ford key is a transponder, non-transponder, or fob push-to-start is crucial for identifying the right replacement and programming procedure. A transponder key contains a chip that communicates with your car’s immobilizer. Non-transponder keys are simpler and lack this chip. Fob push-to-start keys enable keyless ignition. Identifying your key type guarantees you receive the correct replacement and saves time and money.

Does It Need to Be Cut and Programmed to the Car By a Professional?

Whether your Ford remote key fob needs to be cut and programmed by a professional depends on the type of key and vehicle you have. For most transponder and push-to-start fobs, professional programming is essential due to the complex coding required. A locksmith or dealership will have the specialized equipment necessary to guarantee your new key fob functions correctly with your vehicle.

Can It Be Copied by A Hardware Store?

Hardware stores generally can’t copy or program Ford remote key fobs due to the specialized equipment and coding required. You’ll need to seek out a locksmith or dealer for these services.

Option Service Provided
Hardware Store Key duplication (no programming)
Automotive Locksmith Key cutting and programming
Online Purchase Key fob only (programming required)
Car Dealer Full service (key cutting and programming)
Specialized Equipment Required for programming and coding

Low Rate Locksmith Offers the Best Prices

Low Rate Locksmith offers competitive pricing and thorough services for Ford remote key fob replacements, ensuring you get both quality and affordability. Their skilled technicians use advanced equipment like the MaxIM IM608 for precise coding. You’ll appreciate their transparent pricing, which is often lower than dealerships. Have your car’s make, model, and VIN ready for a seamless, efficient experience.


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Compatible Models

  1. 2006-2010 Ford Explorer
  2. 2006-2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  3. 2008-2012 Ford Escape
  4. 2008-2012 Ford Focus
  5. 2007-2012 Ford Edge
  6. 2008-2012 Ford Fusion
  7. 2007-2012 Ford Taurus
  8. 2009-2014 Ford Flex
  9. 2008-2012 Ford Mustang
  10. 2009-2012 Ford F-150
  11. 2008-2012 Ford Expedition

Aftermarket Keys for KR55WK48801

  1. KeylessOption Replacement Key Fob
    • Fully tested complete remotes with a battery installed.
    • Includes a tech support number with each order to help troubleshoot.
  2. USARemote Key Fob Replacement
    • A compatible replacement for select Ford vehicles.
    • Pre-tested to ensure quality and functionality.
  3. Dorman 99162 Keyless Entry Remote
    • Direct replacement to match the original in form and function.
    • Pre-programmed and includes a user-friendly step-by-step programming process.
  4. ECCPP Replacement Key Fob
    • Designed to match the appearance and function of the original unit on specific vehicles.
    • Ensures long-lasting durability and functionality.
  5. OCPTY Keyless Entry Remote Control Car Key Fob
    • High-quality replacement that meets the specifications of the original.
    • Simple programming instructions included.

These aftermarket options offer a range of prices and features, providing flexibility for customers looking to replace their KR55WK48801 key fob.


How and Where to Get a New Key

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To get a new Ford remote key fob, you’ve got a few solid options. You can contact an automotive locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith, order a key online and have it programmed, or visit your local dealer. Each route has its own benefits and considerations, so choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Contact Low Rate Locksmith

When you require a new Ford remote key fob, reaching out to Low Rate Locksmith is a reliable and efficient option. Call them directly at their nationwide hotline or visit their website to schedule an appointment. Make sure you have your vehicle’s year, make, model, and VIN ready for verification. Their professional locksmiths will handle the programming and coding, providing you with a swift and hassle-free service.

Order Online

You can also order a Ford remote key fob online, offering a convenient and often more cost-effective solution. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and specialized automotive part retailers provide various options. Before purchasing, verify compatibility with your vehicle model. Here’s a quick comparison:

Platform Price Range Shipping Time
Amazon $80-$120 2-5 days
eBay $70-$100 3-7 days
Retailers $90-$130 5-10 days

Visit a Dealer

Wondering how to get a new key for your Ford vehicle? Visit your local dealer. Bring your car’s year, make, model, and VIN. Be prepared to tow the car if it’s not drivable. Dealers will take care of the key cutting and programming, guaranteeing compatibility and functionality. Expect to pay around $220 for the key fob and coding services. Make sure you have proof of ownership.

Programming and Costs

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When replacing your Ford remote key fob, you’ll need to take into account the programming requirements and associated costs. Dealers typically charge around $220 for the key fob and coding, while locksmiths may charge approximately $335 for parts and programming. Alternatively, purchasing the key fob online can cost about $100, but you’ll still need a professional to program it.

Cost of Replacement Key Fob

Replacing a Ford remote key fob can be a significant expense, with costs varying based on whether you choose a dealer, locksmith, or an online purchase combined with professional programming. Here’s a quick cost breakdown:

Option Estimated Cost
Dealer $220
Locksmith $335
Online + Programming $100 (key) + programming fee

Choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Dealer Cost

Getting your Ford remote key fob replaced at a dealership typically involves both the cost of the key fob itself and the programming service, totaling around $220. You’ll need to provide your car’s year, make, model, and VIN. The dealership uses specialized equipment to program the key fob, ensuring it functions correctly with your vehicle. This service guarantees a seamless and reliable replacement process.

Automotive Locksmith

While dealerships offer a reliable solution for replacing your Ford remote key fob, automotive locksmiths provide an alternative that can be both convenient and cost-effective. They use specialized equipment like the MaxIM IM608 for programming. Typically, locksmiths charge around $335 for parts and programming, but prices can vary. Make sure you have your car’s year, make, model, and VIN ready for a seamless process.

Online Purchase

Purchasing a Ford remote key fob online can be a cost-effective alternative, with prices averaging around $100 for the key fob itself. However, you’ll need to get it programmed, which often requires a locksmith or dealer. Here’s a quick comparison:

Option Cost
Key Fob ~$100
Locksmith ~$335
Dealer ~$220

Make sure to verify compatibility and programming requirements.

Key Duplication

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When duplicating your Ford remote key fob, you’ll need to explore various options. Hardware stores typically can’t program key fobs, so you’ll want to contact a locksmith or dealer for this service. Cloning the key may sometimes be possible without the car being present, but always confirm with your service provider first.

Hardware Stores

Many hardware stores offer key duplication services, but they typically don’t provide the necessary programming for Ford remote key fobs. You’ll find that while they can copy the physical key, they lack the specialized equipment needed for coding the fob. To guarantee full functionality, seek out a locksmith or dealer who can program the fob properly. Always verify their equipment capabilities before proceeding.

Low Rate Locksmith or Dealers

Opt for a low-rate locksmith or dealer to get your Ford remote key fob duplicated without breaking the bank. Make sure you provide the car’s year, make, model, and VIN. Locksmiths and dealers have the necessary equipment to program duplicates. Confirm if your car needs to be present for programming. This approach balances cost and expertise, guaranteeing a functional key fob.


Make sure to visit a locksmith or dealer equipped with the necessary cloning technology to efficiently duplicate your Ford remote key fob without compromising on functionality or security. Ensure they verify your car’s details and ownership. Cloning typically doesn’t require your car to be present, but confirm this beforehand. Always choose a reputable service provider to maintain security and performance.

Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services

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You’ll find that low rate Ford locksmith services offer on-site programming and cutting, guaranteeing quick and efficient service. These experts use specialized equipment to provide competitive pricing without compromising quality. Make sure to verify the locksmith’s expertise and equipment availability to guarantee seamless key fob replacement.

On-site programming and cutting

Leverage the convenience and expertise of low-rate Ford locksmith services for on-site programming and cutting of your remote key fob. Technicians will arrive with specialized equipment to accurately cut and program your key fob, guaranteeing it’s compatible with your vehicle. Provide your car’s year, make, model, and VIN for precise service. Have ownership proof ready to expedite the process efficiently.

Quick and efficient service

Ensuring quick and efficient service, Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services specializes in on-site key fob programming and cutting for your convenience. With state-of-the-art equipment, technicians swiftly handle coding and cutting, minimizing downtime. You’ll be back on the road in no time. Remember to provide your car’s year, make, model, and VIN for seamless service. Trust their expertise for reliable, professional assistance.

Competitive pricing

Frequently, Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services offers competitive pricing that beats both dealers and other locksmiths in the market. You’ll find their rates much lower, providing the same high-quality service without the hefty price tag. By choosing them, you save money on parts and programming. Always request a quote upfront and compare it to other options to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Expert locksmiths with specialized equipment

Expert locksmiths at Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services use specialized equipment to precisely program and code your Ford remote key fob. They employ advanced machinery like the MaxIM IM608 to guarantee accurate coding. Here’s a quick look at their services:

Service Description Cost Range
Key Fob Programming Accurate coding with specialized tools $220 – $335
Key Duplication Creating and programming duplicates $100 – $220
On-Site Assistance Mobile services for your convenience Varies by location

Trust their expertise to get your key fob working perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Key Fob Be Shipped Internationally?

Think of it like sending a passport across borders; it’s possible but needs careful handling. You can ship a key fob internationally, but verify shipping regulations and make sure the receiver can handle programming according to local standards.

How Long Does the Entire Replacement Process Take?

The entire replacement process typically takes a few hours. You’ll first need to contact a locksmith or dealer, provide the necessary information, and wait for the coding and programming, which usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour.

Are There Any Warranties on Replacement Key Fobs?

When wondering about warranties, you’ll find most reputable services offer them. Dealers typically provide a 12-month warranty, while locksmiths might offer a shorter span. Always ask about warranty specifics before committing to a service.

What Should I Do if the New Key Fob Stops Working?

If your new key fob stops working, first check the battery. If that’s not the issue, contact the locksmith or dealer who programmed it. They’ll diagnose the problem and determine if reprogramming or replacement is needed.

Can I Recycle My Old Key Fob?

You can recycle your old key fob; 90% of its components are recyclable. Contact your dealer or a specialized electronic waste facility. Make sure you remove the battery first and follow their disposal procedures.