To replace your Ford transponder key 164-R8067, you’ll need professional cutting and programming using advanced coding machines like the MaxIM IM608. Dealers typically charge around $230 plus towing, while locksmiths may cost about $300, including parts and labor. You can order a key blank online for around $90 and have it programmed locally. Low Rate Locksmith provides on-site services with competitive pricing, saving you time and additional towing expenses. They use specialized equipment to guarantee your new key seamlessly integrates with your car’s security system. Want detailed steps and options for a smoother process? Keep going.

Key Takeaways

  • Low Rate Locksmith offers on-site programming and cutting for Ford transponder keys, including the 164-R8067 chip.
  • Professional locksmith services cost around $300, cheaper than dealership prices of about $230 plus towing.
  • Advanced equipment like MaxIM IM608 ensures efficient and accurate key programming.
  • Ford transponder keys require professional cutting and programming for compatibility with the car’s security system.
  • Ordering a key blank online costs around $90, but professional programming is still necessary for functionality.

Overview and Features

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When replacing your Ford transponder car key, it’s important to identify if it’s a transponder, non-transponder, or fob push-to-start key. You’ll need a professional to cut and program the key to your car’s specific requirements. Hardware stores can’t copy these keys, but Low Rate Locksmith offers competitive prices for thorough key replacement services.

Is It a Transponder, Non-transponder, or Fob Push-To-Start?

Determining whether your Ford uses a transponder key, non-transponder key, or a fob push-to-start system is essential for identifying the appropriate replacement and programming requirements. Transponder keys contain a microchip that communicates with the car’s immobilizer. Non-transponder keys are basic and lack electronic components. Fob push-to-start systems utilize a keyless remote to start the engine, requiring specific programming procedures.

Does It Need to Be Cut and Programmed to the Car By a Professional?

Your Ford transponder key will need to be professionally cut and programmed to guarantee it communicates correctly with your car’s immobilizer system. This process makes sure your key transmits the proper code, preventing unauthorized starts. Professional locksmiths or dealerships use specialized equipment like the MaxIM IM608 and Smart Pro to program these keys accurately. DIY attempts can result in a non-functional key, so professional handling is essential.

Can It Be Copied by A Hardware Store?

Unlike professional locksmiths and dealerships, hardware stores don’t have the specialized programming devices required to copy a Ford transponder key. They can cut a basic key, but without programming, it won’t start your car. For a functional duplicate, you’ll need a locksmith or dealer equipped with the proper coding machines like MaxIM IM608 or Smart Pro. Always make sure your car is present for accurate programming.

Low Rate Locksmith Offers the Best Prices

Low Rate Locksmith provides competitive pricing on Ford transponder car key replacements, guaranteeing you receive quality service without breaking the bank. You can expect lower costs compared to dealerships, with all-inclusive services including key cutting, programming, and cloning. Their use of advanced coding machines like MaxIM IM608 ensures precision and reliability. Plus, they offer nationwide service, making them a convenient and cost-effective option.


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The Ford Transponder Car Key Replacement 164-R8067 is compatible with several Ford models across various year ranges. Below is a list of compatible models:

Compatible Models

Aftermarket Keys for Ford Transponder Car Key Replacement 164-R8067

  1. Ilco H84-PT: Compatible with the same models as the 164-R8067.
  2. JMA TP00FORD-14.P: Another reliable aftermarket option.
  3. Strattec 599114: Known for its high compatibility and quality.
  4. Keyline FD40P: A popular aftermarket choice with good performance.
  5. Huf H74-PT: Provides reliable functionality and compatibility.

These aftermarket keys typically come with a transponder chip that needs to be programmed to the specific vehicle. Programming can often be done by a locksmith or at a dealership.



How and Where to Get a New Key

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To replace your Ford transponder key, you can contact an automotive locksmith for on-site programming, order a key blank online and have it cut and programmed locally, or visit a dealership. Each option has its costs and requirements, so choose based on your convenience and budget. Remember, programming the key is essential for it to work with your vehicle’s security system.

Contact Low Rate Locksmith

One practical way to get a new Ford transponder car key is by contacting Low Rate Locksmith for their specialized services. You can reach them by phone or visit their website to request assistance. They offer nationwide service and can cut and program your key on-site. Their technicians use advanced coding machines like the MaxIM IM608 to guarantee your key works perfectly.

Order Online

If you prefer a more cost-effective option, ordering a replacement key online is a viable alternative. You can find compatible key blanks on websites like Amazon or eBay. After purchasing, locate a local locksmith or hardware store to cut the key. Make sure you have the key programmed using a professional coding machine like MaxIM IM608. This option typically costs around $90.

Visit a Dealer

Visiting a dealer for a new Ford transponder key guarantees professional programming and compatibility with your vehicle. Make sure you bring your car’s year, make, model, and VIN. You’ll need to tow the car to the dealer for programming, which costs around $230, excluding towing fees. Have your ownership documents ready for verification. Dealers use advanced coding machines like MaxIM IM608 to make certain your new key works perfectly.

Programming and Costs

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When replacing a Ford transponder car key, consider the programming requirements and costs involved. Dealers typically charge around $230 plus towing, while locksmiths may cost about $300 for parts and labor. Alternatively, you can purchase a key online for around $90 and have it programmed separately.

Cost of Replacement Key Fob

Replacing a Ford transponder key fob typically costs around $230 at a dealership, excluding any towing fees. You can also opt for a locksmith, who might charge approximately $300 for parts, labor, and programming. Alternatively, ordering a key blank online costs about $90, but you’ll need to handle cutting and programming separately. Prices can vary based on location and service timing.

Dealer Cost

You’ll find that getting a Ford transponder key programmed and replaced at a dealership costs around $230, not including potential towing fees. The dealership uses advanced coding machines like MaxIM IM608 and Smart Pro for programming. Keep in mind that additional codes or pins may be required. Be prepared to provide your car’s year, make, model, and VIN for verification and programming purposes.

Automotive Locksmith

Contacting an automotive locksmith to program and replace your Ford transponder key usually costs around $300, including parts, labor, and programming. Locksmiths utilize advanced coding machines like MaxIM IM608 and Smart Pro to program the key. Be sure to provide the year, make, model, and VIN of your car. This service is typically quicker and more convenient than dealership visits, saving you the hassle of towing.

Online Purchase

Opting to order a Ford transponder key blank online and having it cut and programmed can be a more budget-friendly alternative, with costs around $90. You’ll need to find a coding machine like MaxIM IM608 or Smart Pro for programming. Make sure you have the car’s year, make, model, and VIN ready. This method saves money compared to dealer or locksmith services.

Key Duplication

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When you need a duplicate Ford transponder key, hardware stores can’t help because they lack the necessary programming devices. Instead, you can visit a locksmith or dealer who can program additional keys with your car present. Alternatively, cloning a new key without the car is possible if you have a working key.

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores typically lack the specialized programming devices required for duplicating Ford transponder car keys. While they can cut basic keys, they can’t program the transponder chip essential for your Ford’s security system. For a fully functional key, you’ll need to seek out professionals with the right equipment. This guarantees your new key is correctly programmed to start your car.

Low Rate Locksmith or Dealers

Choosing between a low rate locksmith or a dealer for key duplication involves considering cost, convenience, and the necessity of programming equipment. Locksmiths typically charge around $300 for parts, labor, and programming, while dealers charge about $230 plus towing. Locksmiths offer on-site service, saving you the hassle of towing. Both options require the car and specific coding machines to program the transponder chip key.


Cloning a Ford transponder key allows you to create a duplicate key without needing the car on-site, provided you have a working original key. This process involves copying the transponder chip data from the original key to the new one. It’s an efficient option for spare keys, ensuring the duplicate can start your vehicle if properly programmed by a professional locksmith or dealer.

Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services

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You can rely on low rate Ford locksmith services for on-site programming and cutting of your transponder keys. These experts offer quick and efficient service using specialized equipment, ensuring your key works seamlessly. Their competitive pricing makes them a cost-effective alternative to dealership options.

On-site programming and cutting

Opting for on-site programming and cutting services from a low-rate Ford locksmith provides convenience and immediate access to a new transponder key without the need for towing your vehicle. A professional locksmith will use advanced coding machines like MaxIM IM608 and Smart Pro to program and cut your new key right at your location, ensuring it works seamlessly with your car’s security system.

Quick and efficient service

Selecting a low-rate Ford locksmith guarantees you receive quick and efficient service for your transponder key replacement, saving you both time and money. With advanced coding machines and skilled technicians, you can expect minimal wait times and high-quality results.

Service Type Average Time Success Rate
On-site 30-45 mins 98%
Dealer Visit 2-3 hours 95%
Online Order 3-5 days 90%

Competitive pricing

Securing competitive pricing for low-rate Ford locksmith services guarantees you get transponder key replacements without breaking the bank. You’ll find that locksmiths typically charge around $300 for parts, labor, and programming. This is often cheaper than dealership prices, which hover around $230 plus towing. By opting for a specialized locksmith, you save both time and money, ensuring efficient service without compromising your budget.

Expert locksmiths with specialized equipment

Specialized locksmiths equipped with advanced coding machines like the MaxIM IM608 and Smart Pro can efficiently program Ford transponder keys, providing a cost-effective alternative to dealerships. They use sophisticated tools to guarantee precision and security.

Service Dealer Locksmith
Cost $230 $300
Towing Required Yes No
Programming Equipment Basic Advanced
Convenience Low High

Choose a trusted locksmith for a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do if My Ford Transponder Key Is Stolen?

If your Ford transponder key is stolen, immediately contact a locksmith or dealer to reprogram your car’s system. This prevents the stolen key from starting your vehicle. Be ready with your car’s VIN and ownership documents.

How Can I Protect My Ford Transponder Key From Damage?

To protect your Ford transponder key from damage, avoid exposure to water and extreme temperatures. Use a protective cover, and don’t drop it. Regularly check the key for wear and replace the battery when needed.

Can I Get a Replacement Key Without the Original Key?

Losing your key feels like chasing shadows, but don’t worry. You can still get a replacement without the original key. Contact an automotive locksmith or dealer, provide your car’s details, and they’ll program a new one.

Are There Any DIY Methods for Programming a Ford Transponder Key?

Yes, you can program a Ford transponder key yourself using a coding machine like MaxIM IM608 or Smart Pro. However, these machines are costly. Without them, you’ll need a locksmith or dealer to program the key.

How Do I Troubleshoot Issues With My Ford Transponder Key?

Did you know 70% of transponder key issues are battery-related? Check your CR-2032 battery first. If the problem persists, make sure the key is correctly programmed and seek help from a locksmith or dealer.