If you need a new Ford H92-PT transponder key, trust professionals for accurate cutting and programming. The H92-PT key, with its chip-coded design, can’t be duplicated at a hardware store. Confirm compatibility by consulting your vehicle manual or a locksmith. Low Rate Locksmith offers cost-effective, on-site key cutting and programming using advanced tools like the MaxIM IM608. Their services bypass costly dealership fees and towing expenses. The cloning option saves money if you have a working key. By opting for expert locksmith services, you guarantee a quick and efficient solution. Discover more specifics and save on your key replacement.

Key Takeaways

  • Professional Programming: Ford H92-PT transponder keys require professional cutting and programming for compatibility with the car’s immobilizer system.
  • Equipment: Certified locksmiths use advanced coding equipment like MaxIM IM608 for precise key cutting and programming.
  • Cost Savings: Low Rate Locksmith offers competitive pricing, significantly lower than dealership fees, including on-site services to avoid towing expenses.
  • Key Specifications: Verify that the replacement key matches your specific Ford model and transponder system for accurate programming.
  • Quick Service: Low Rate Locksmith provides fast, efficient key replacement solutions, minimizing downtime and ensuring you get back on the road promptly.

Overview and Features

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When considering a replacement for your Ford transponder car key H92-PT, you need to know it’s a chip-coded key that requires professional cutting and programming. Hardware stores can’t copy this key, so you’ll need a locksmith or dealer for accurate duplication. For the best prices, Low Rate Locksmith offers competitive rates for both the key and programming services.

Is It a Transponder, Non-transponder, or Fob Push-To-Start?

Identifying whether your Ford key is a transponder, non-transponder, or fob push-to-start is crucial for understanding the appropriate replacement and programming needs. Here’s a quick comparison:

Key Type Features
Transponder Chip-coded, requires programming
Non-transponder Simple metal key, no programming
Fob Push-To-Start Remote, buttons, no physical key

Knowing your key type guarantees accurate replacement and programming.

Does It Need to Be Cut and Programmed to the Car By a Professional?

To guarantee your Ford H92-PT key functions correctly, it must be professionally cut and programmed to your specific vehicle. This secures that the transponder chip communicates with your car’s immobilizer system. Professional locksmiths or dealers use specialized equipment to accurately cut and program the key, ensuring it starts your vehicle without issues. Attempting DIY methods won’t provide the necessary precision for reliable operation.

Can It Be Copied by A Hardware Store?

While professional cutting and programming are necessary for a Ford H92-PT key, hardware stores can’t handle the programming of these transponder keys. They lack the specialized coding equipment required. To guarantee your key functions properly, you must rely on a certified locksmith or dealer. They have the tools to program the chip and guarantee compatibility with your vehicle’s security system.

Low Rate Locksmith Offers the Best Prices

Low Rate Locksmith offers unbeatable prices and exceptional service for Ford H92-PT key replacements, ensuring you get a professionally programmed key without breaking the bank. They use advanced coding equipment like the MaxIM IM608, providing accurate programming on-site. You’ll save on costly dealership fees and avoid towing expenses, making it the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your Ford transponder key needs.


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Compatible Models and Year Ranges:

  1. 2007-2012 Ford Escape
  2. 2008-2012 Ford Expedition
  3. 2008-2012 Ford Explorer
  4. 2008-2012 Ford F-150
  5. 2008-2012 Ford F-250
  6. 2008-2012 Ford F-350
  7. 2008-2012 Ford Flex
  8. 2008-2012 Ford Focus
  9. 2008-2012 Ford Fusion
  10. 2008-2012 Ford Mustang
  11. 2008-2012 Ford Taurus
  12. 2008-2012 Ford Transit Connect

Aftermarket Keys for Ford Transponder Car Key Replacement H92-PT:

  1. KeylessOption Transponder Key
    • Compatible with the same year ranges and models listed above.
    • Comes pre-cut or uncut for DIY or professional locksmith cutting.
  2. Strattec 5922478 Transponder Key
    • Known for high-quality and durable construction.
    • Can be programmed using on-board procedures or by a locksmith.
  3. Ilco H92-PT Transponder Key
    • High-quality aftermarket key, compatible with most Ford models from 2007-2012.
    • Requires professional programming.
  4. JMA TP00FORD-15.P Transponder Key
    • Offers reliable performance and compatibility with listed Ford models.
    • Suitable for duplication and programming by a locksmith.
  5. EZKey H92 Transponder Key
    • A budget-friendly option with good compatibility.
    • Can be programmed using a compatible key programmer or by a locksmith.

These keys provide a cost-effective alternative to OEM keys and are generally compatible with the listed Ford models and year ranges. Ensure that keys are cut and programmed correctly to match the vehicle’s ignition and security system.

How and Where to Get a New Key

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To get a new Ford H92-PT transponder key, you have several options. You can contact Low Rate Locksmith for on-site key cutting and programming, order a key online and have a locksmith handle the programming, or visit a Ford dealer. Each option has its pros and cons, so choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Contact Low Rate Locksmith

Frequently, you’ll find that contacting Low Rate Locksmith is the most efficient way to get a new H92-PT transponder key for your Ford. They offer nationwide services, on-site programming, and competitive pricing. Here’s a quick guide:

Service Availability Cost Estimate
On-Site Service Nationwide $226
Programming Included N/A
Key Cutting Included N/A
Contact 24/7 N/A

Reach out to Low Rate Locksmith for swift assistance.

Order Online

You can easily order a new H92-PT Ford transponder key online from reputable retailers like Amazon, eBay, or specialized automotive key suppliers. Make sure you’re purchasing the correct key blank for your model. Once received, contact a local locksmith to cut and program the key. This option saves you time and often reduces costs compared to dealership prices.

Visit a Dealer

Many Ford owners opt to visit a dealer for a new H92-PT transponder key due to the dealership’s ability to program the key accurately and efficiently. You’ll need to tow your vehicle to the dealership, where skilled technicians use specialized equipment to program your new key. The cost is typically around $156, excluding towing. It’s a reliable, albeit slightly more expensive, option.

Programming and Costs

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When it comes to programming and costs for the H92-PT transponder key, you have several options. Dealers typically charge around $156 for a replacement, but you might also consider an automotive locksmith who charges approximately $226 for parts and labor. For a more budget-friendly option, you can purchase a key online for about $16, though you’ll still need to factor in the cost of having it cut and programmed.

Cost of Replacement Key Fob

Comparing prices and services is essential to make sure you’re getting the best deal when replacing a Ford H92-PT transponder key fob. Expect locksmiths to charge around $226 for parts and labor combined. Online key prices are roughly $16, but you’ll still need professional programming. Always compare prices and services to make certain you’re getting the best deal.

Dealer Cost

Dealers typically charge around $156 for programming a Ford H92-PT transponder key, excluding any additional towing costs. You might face further expenses depending on your vehicle’s location and any required services. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Service Estimated Cost
Key Programming $156
Towing (if needed) Variable
Additional Services Variable
Total Varies

This helps you budget for potential costs accurately.

Automotive Locksmith

Choosing an automotive locksmith for your Ford H92-PT key replacement offers the convenience of on-site programming and often faster service compared to dealers. Locksmiths use specialized coding equipment like the MaxIM IM608 to program your transponder key, ensuring it’s correctly synced to your vehicle. Although locksmith services average around $226, you’ll save on towing costs and benefit from their technical expertise and prompt solutions.

Online Purchase

Purchasing a Ford H92-PT key online offers a cost-effective alternative, but you’ll need to make sure it’s cut and programmed by a professional locksmith to function correctly. Online keys cost around $16, but professional cutting and programming will add to the expense. Make sure the locksmith uses specialized coding equipment like MaxIM IM608 or Smart Pro for proper functionality.

Key Duplication

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When you need a duplicate of your H92-PT key, you can’t rely on hardware stores, as they don’t program transponder keys. Instead, consider using a low rate locksmith or visiting a dealer, both of whom have the necessary equipment. Cloning your key is another option, requiring a working key and a special device to copy the transponder code accurately.

Hardware Stores

If you need to duplicate your Ford transponder key, hardware stores won’t be able to program it, so you’ll need to visit a locksmith or a dealership for proper coding. Hardware stores can cut the key blade, but they lack the specialized equipment necessary for programming the transponder chip. For a fully functional key, seek out a professional locksmith or dealership.

Low Rate Locksmith or Dealers

For key duplication, it’s important to choose between a low-rate locksmith and a dealer, considering both the cost and the convenience of their services. Locksmiths offer on-site services and typically charge around $226, while dealers charge about $156, excluding towing costs. Locksmiths can program keys on the spot, saving you time and hassle. Prioritize your needs to make the best choice.


Cloning a transponder car key involves duplicating the electronic code from an existing working key to create a new one. You’ll need a special device to duplicate the transponder code accurately. This process guarantees the new key will start your car just like the original. It’s a convenient and cost-effective solution if you already have a functioning key.

Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services

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You’ll find that low rate Ford locksmith services offer on-site programming and cutting, ensuring quick and efficient solutions for your H92-PT key replacement. These expert locksmiths use specialized equipment to deliver competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. By choosing a skilled locksmith, you get your replacement key programmed and ready to use in no time.

On-site programming and cutting

When you need a replacement H92-PT key, automotive locksmiths offer on-site programming and cutting services, providing a convenient and efficient solution for your Ford vehicle. They bring specialized coding equipment like the MaxIM IM608 directly to you, ensuring precise key cutting and accurate transponder programming. This eliminates the need for towing, saving you time and hassle while restoring full functionality to your car.

Quick and efficient service

With on-site programming and cutting, you can expect quick and efficient service from Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services, ensuring your replacement H92-PT key is ready without delay. Leveraging advanced coding equipment and experienced technicians, they minimize downtime and get you back on the road swiftly. Their expertise guarantees your new transponder key is correctly programmed and cut to match your Ford vehicle precisely.

Competitive pricing

Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services offers competitive pricing, guaranteeing you get a replacement H92-PT key without breaking the bank. You’ll find their rates notably lower compared to dealerships, which can save you a substantial amount. They provide transparent pricing, so you know upfront what you’re paying for. This guarantees you receive a high-quality key replacement at a cost-effective rate.

Expert locksmiths with specialized equipment

You’ll also benefit from the expertise of skilled locksmiths equipped with specialized tools necessary for programming and cutting the H92-PT transponder key for your Ford. These professionals use advanced coding machines like MaxIM IM608 and Smart Pro, ensuring accurate and efficient key programming. Their proficiency guarantees your new key will function flawlessly, saving you from the hassle and expense of towing your vehicle to a dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do if My Transponder Key Stops Working Suddenly?

If your transponder key stops working suddenly, first check the battery. If it’s fine, contact an automotive locksmith for diagnostics and reprogramming. They’ll have the necessary equipment to restore your key’s functionality efficiently.

Can I Disable the Transponder System in My Ford Vehicle?

Disabling the transponder system isn’t recommended as it can compromise your vehicle’s security. Over 90% of car thefts involve non-transponder vehicles. Instead, consult a professional to address specific issues with your transponder system.

Are There Any DIY Methods to Program a Ford H92-PT Key?

Yes, you can program a Ford H92-PT key yourself. You’ll need two existing programmed keys and follow the vehicle’s manual instructions. If you don’t have two keys, professional programming is required.

How Can I Identify if My Key Has a Transponder Chip?

To identify if your key has a transponder chip, look for a plastic head on the key. You can also check your car’s manual or ask a locksmith to scan it with a transponder key reader.

What Should I Bring When Getting a Replacement Key Programmed?

Make sure to bring your vehicle’s registration, proof of ownership, and a valid ID when getting a replacement key programmed. If you have a working key, bring it too. This guarantees that the locksmith or dealer can accurately program the new key.