If you need to replace your Ford’s non-transponder key, like the 1193FD/H67, verify it’s for a pre-1997 model. You can order a key blank online for about $3 or visit a locksmith for cutting, costing $50 to $85. A dealership may charge around $45 if you have the security code. No programming is needed. Always bring proof of ownership. Low Rate Locksmith offers affordable and expert services, ensuring a quick and accurate key cut. To discover more about costs, options, and getting you back on the road without hassle, keep exploring.

Key Takeaways

  • Verify your Ford model year is before 1997 and ensure the current key is non-transponder.
  • Non-transponder key blanks cost around $3 online; locksmith fees range from $50 to $85.
  • No programming is needed for 1193FD/H67 keys; ensure proper duplication at a reputable locksmith or hardware store.
  • Provide proof of ownership and security code when requesting key cutting or duplication services.
  • Low Rate Locksmith offers on-site key cutting and competitive pricing, often cheaper than dealership rates.

Overview and Features

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In choosing a non-transponder key like the 1193FD/H67, you won’t need any programming or coding, making it a hassle-free option. You can easily get it cut by a locksmith or even a hardware store, saving time and effort. For the best prices, consider Low Rate Locksmith, which offers competitive rates and reliable service.

Is It a Transponder, Non-transponder, or Fob Push-To-Start?

Understanding whether your car key is a transponder, non-transponder, or fob push-to-start is crucial for determining the best replacement method. Here’s a quick guide:

Key Type Features
Transponder Contains a chip, requires programming
Non-transponder No chip, no programming needed
Fob Push-To-Start Requires proximity, often includes remote functions

Knowing your key type helps guarantee you get the correct replacement.

Does It Need to Be Cut and Programmed to the Car By a Professional?

Knowing the type of key you have is just the first step; let’s determine if your non-transponder 1193FD/H67 key needs to be cut and programmed by a professional. The good news is, you won’t need any programming since it’s a non-transponder key. However, it still needs to be precisely cut by a professional locksmith to guarantee it works correctly with your car’s ignition.

Can It Be Copied by A Hardware Store?

Fortunately, you can easily have your non-transponder 1193FD/H67 key copied at most hardware stores, thanks to its simplicity and lack of advanced programming requirements. Just bring your existing key, and the hardware store can quickly duplicate it. This process is straightforward, doesn’t require special equipment, and guarantees you always have a spare key handy. Remember to bring proof of ownership and necessary documents.

Low Rate Locksmith Offers the Best Prices

If you’re looking for an affordable option, Low Rate Locksmith offers competitive pricing for key cutting services, ensuring you get the best value without compromising on quality. They specialize in non-transponder Ford keys like the 1193FD/H67, providing fast, accurate cuts. With their nationwide service, you can expect expert craftsmanship and reliable customer support, all at a fraction of the dealer’s cost.


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Compatible Aftermarket Keys:

  1. Ilco H67
  2. JMA TP12FO-31.P
  3. Strattec 5923739
  4. Keyline FD7P
  5. Ilco EZ H67-PT

Compatible Ford Models and Year Ranges:

  1. (1991-2002) Ford Escort
  2. (1997-1998) Ford Expedition
  3. (1995-2000) Ford Explorer
  4. (1996-1998) Ford Mustang
  5. (1995-2000) Ford Ranger
  6. (1996-1999) Ford Taurus
  7. (1989-1997) Ford Thunderbird
  8.  (1995-1998) Ford Windstar
  9. (1986-1997) Ford Aerostar

Features of Aftermarket Keys:

  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity.
  • Cutting Services: These keys can be easily cut to match your existing key.
  • Non-Chip: They do not contain transponder chips, making them straightforward replacements for non-chip key models.

Ensure you verify the specific year and model of your Ford vehicle to confirm compatibility with the 1193FD/H67 keyway. For exact matches and additional options, consulting with a professional locksmith or key provider is recommended.

How and Where to Get a New Key

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To get a new non-transponder key for your vehicle, you can contact an automotive locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith, order a key blank online, or visit a dealer. Locksmiths can cut the key for you, even if you buy it online. Dealers might have the key codes for older models, but it’s less common, so checking with them should be your last resort.

Contact Low Rate Locksmith

Contact Low Rate Locksmith for a hassle-free and efficient way to replace your non-transponder 1193FD/H67 car key. Reach out to their 24/7 customer service hotline or visit their website to schedule an appointment. Their skilled technicians can cut your key on-site or at their shop. Make sure you have proof of ownership and your vehicle’s security code for quick service.

Order Online

Ordering a non-transponder 1193FD/H67 key online offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for replacing your car key. Start by visiting reputable websites like eBay or Amazon, and search for ‘1193FD/H67 key blank.’ Once you’ve purchased the key, take it to a local locksmith to have it cut. This method guarantees you get a reliable key without overspending.

Visit a Dealer

If you prefer a more traditional route, visiting a dealer can also be a viable option for obtaining a new 1193FD/H67 key. Contact your local Ford dealer and provide your vehicle’s VIN. While dealers may not always have key codes for older models, they can often order the key blank and cut it for you. Make sure you bring proof of ownership and identification.

Programming and Costs

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You don’t need to worry about programming a non-transponder key like the 1193FD/H67, which keeps costs low. For the key itself, expect to pay around $3 online, while locksmith service fees range from $50 to $85 depending on whether you go to their shop or opt for mobile service. Dealers might charge approximately $45 if they have the security code, but this isn’t guaranteed for older models.

Cost of Replacement Key Fob

Calculating the cost of a replacement key fob for a non-transponder car key involves understanding the various factors that influence pricing, from the type of service to the specific provider you choose. Typically, an uncut key blank costs about $3 online. A locksmith may charge around $50 for in-shop cutting, while a mobile service could be $85. Keep in mind, prices can vary by location.

Dealer Cost

When looking for a replacement for your 1193FD/H67 non-transponder car key through a dealer, make sure to pay around $45, provided they have the necessary security code for your vehicle. Dealers typically don’t keep codes for older models, so verify they have it beforehand. No programming is needed, but the cost includes cutting the key to match your car’s lock precisely.

Automotive Locksmith

An automotive locksmith offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for cutting a 1193FD/H67 non-transponder key, with mobile services typically priced around $85 and in-shop services around $50. You won’t need any programming or coding, making the process straightforward. Just provide proof of ownership, and the locksmith will cut the key to match your vehicle’s specifications quickly and efficiently.

Online Purchase

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can order an uncut 1193FD/H67 key online for about $3, which you can then take to a locksmith to have it cut to match your vehicle.

Item Cost Notes
Uncut 1193FD/H67 Key $3 Online purchase
Locksmith Cutting $10-$15 Varies by location
Total Cost $13-$18 Estimated total expense

No programming needed—just cut and go!

Key Duplication

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When you need to duplicate your non-transponder key, visit a local hardware store or a low-rate locksmith for quick and affordable service. Some dealers also offer key cloning, but it’s usually less cost-effective. Always bring proof of ownership and necessary documents to guarantee a smooth process.

Hardware Stores

Many hardware stores offer the convenient service of duplicating non-transponder keys like the 1193FD/H67, allowing you to quickly get a spare without needing to visit a locksmith or dealer. Bring your original key and proof of ownership to a reputable store. The process is straightforward: they’ll use a key-cutting machine to create an accurate duplicate, ensuring it works seamlessly with your vehicle.

Low Rate Locksmith or Dealers

For duplicating your non-transponder 1193FD/H67 key, consider visiting a low rate locksmith or a dealer who can provide efficient service at a reasonable cost. Here’s a quick comparison:

Service Provider Estimated Cost
Low Rate Locksmith $50 – $85
Car Dealer Around $45
Online Key Purchase About $3
Hardware Store $5 – $10
Mobile Locksmith Around $85

Choose the option that best fits your needs.


While the 1193FD/H67 key doesn’t require programming, it’s crucial to verify that the duplication process is carried out accurately to avoid any issues with starting your vehicle. Visit a reputable locksmith or hardware store with your original key. Confirm they use precise cutting machines and test the new key works before leaving. Always keep ownership documents handy for a smooth duplication process.

Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services

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When you need a non-transponder key for your Ford, opting for a low rate locksmith service guarantees you receive expert help without breaking the bank. You’ll benefit from quick, on-site programming and cutting done by professionals equipped with specialized tools. These services are not only efficient but also competitively priced, giving you the best value for your money.

On-site programming and cutting

Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services offers on-site key cutting for the 1193FD/H67 non-transponder key, ensuring you get a precise fit without the need to visit a dealership. They utilize advanced key-cutting equipment, guaranteeing that your new key will work flawlessly. Simply provide proof of ownership and the security code, and their expert technicians will handle the rest, giving you peace of mind and convenience.

Quick and efficient service

You can count on Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services for quick and efficient service, ensuring your 1193FD/H67 key is cut accurately and ready for use in no time. Their technicians are equipped with the latest tools to provide precise cuts, saving you time and hassle. Just provide proof of ownership, and they’ll handle the rest, getting you back on the road swiftly and smoothly.

Competitive pricing

Choosing Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services guarantees you receive competitive pricing without compromising the quality and precision of your 1193FD/H67 key replacement. You’ll find our rates markedly lower than dealer prices, especially with mobile service costing around $85 and shop service about $50. This secures you get a precise key cut, saving you time and money without sacrificing reliability.

Expert locksmiths with specialized equipment

Expert locksmiths at Low Rate Ford Locksmith Services utilize specialized equipment to guarantee your 1193FD/H67 key replacement is accurate and efficient. They use precise key-cutting machines and have access to security codes for older Ford models. You won’t need to worry about programming; these non-transponder keys are straightforward. Trust their expertise to get you back on the road quickly and affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Documentation Is Required to Prove Ownership for Key Duplication?

Did you know 75% of key duplications require proof of ownership? You’ll need your vehicle registration, a photo ID, and sometimes the vehicle title. Always bring these documents to guarantee a smooth, hassle-free key duplication process.

Can I Get a Non-Transponder Key Cut if I Lost All Keys?

Yes, you can get a non-transponder key cut if you’ve lost all keys. Just provide proof of ownership and a security code to an automotive locksmith, who can cut a new key for your vehicle.

Are There Any Security Risks With Non-Transponder Keys?

Yes, there are security risks with non-transponder keys. They lack advanced security features, making them easier to duplicate and more susceptible to theft. Always keep your vehicle secure, and consider upgrading to a transponder key for added protection.

How Can I Identify if My Ford Model Uses the 1193fd/H67 Key?

Check your vehicle’s manual or contact a local locksmith. If your Ford model is pre-1997, it likely uses the 1193FD/H67 key. Confirm by comparing your existing key to online images or key codes.

What Are the Shipping Times for Online Key Purchases?

Think of shipping times as a ticking clock. You’ll typically wait 3-5 business days for standard shipping, but expedited options can speed it up to 1-2 days. Always check specific vendor details for accurate estimates.