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Popular models for Jeep car key replacement include:

Jeep Cherokee
Jeep Commander
Jeep Compass
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Liberty
Jeep Patriot
Jeep Renegade
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Jeep Comanche

Jeep Car Key Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for Jeep car key replacement?

The replacement of Jeep key can consist of a number of different costs. The starting price for all the new keys is $120 which happens to be the base price. Although $120 happens to be the starting rate for all car key replacements out there, a Jeep key replacement can likewise demand more services. This particular aspect can influence the car key duplication cost to a great extent.

You ought to take into account the model as well as the Jeep’s year while figuring out the main cost. However, there is no need for you to be concerned about all these. All you need to do will be to provide information to the locksmith as asked by them and they will provide you with the best possible price for the new key.

When I need Jeep car key replacement, can the auto locksmith come to me?

A mobile locksmith service is offered by United Locksmith which will enable you to replace your Jeep car key whenever required. Consequently, get in touch with United Locksmith in case it is not possible for you to move the vehicle or you’d like to get the job done whenever you find it to be convenient, and we will send an expert at your current location for making a fresh Jeep key for you. You will be offered this service irrespective of what is entailed in replacing your Jeep key.

Do I need to contact a Jeep dealership to get a Jeep car key replacement?

It is possible to perform the entire Jeep key replacement process without communicating with any Jeep dealership. As a matter of fact, a locksmith will be able to perform the job related to the replacement of the key impeccably just like a dealership; however, the locksmith can boast of having more experience as well as knowledge on this particular subject. It is feasible for the locksmith to get hold of a new Jeep car remote or key bank and perform any sort of car key cutting as well as programming as per your requirements.

Do I need my original Jeep car key in order to have a new Jeep key made?

It is possible to get the work done without any spare key in case your Jeep car key replacement is being performed by an expert automotive locksmith. Obviously, one significant reason to have a replacement key is the fact that it is going to make the task of making a fresh key much simpler. However, that being said, it is possible for a locksmith to make a fresh Jeep key sans an original one by making use of the VIN, decoding an existing lock on the vehicle or even patching into the onboard computer.

How long does it take a Locksmith to complete a Jeep car key replacement?

Similar to the cost of a new Jeep key which depends on several factors, a number of similar factors are going to affect the time that will be taken by it to perform the replacement. On an average, the time needed to accomplish the task after the arrival of the locksmith along with the new key which will be cut and programmed will be around 20 minutes. However, it will take more time in case any extra step is needed for this particular model or any additional service is likewise required.

Replacement of Jeep Ignition

Although it might appear to you that some kind of Jeep key replacement is essential, the idea of replacing any specific type of Jeep ignition cylinder might prove to be more beneficial in the long run. As a matter of fact, there is a possibility that your outdated Jeep key is absolutely okay and it is the ignition cylinder which is making the problem. You might likewise need to replace the door lock cylinder of the automobile; however, starting your vehicle is going to be the more significant issue.

Getting in touch with a locksmith will be the best solution to figure out how to make your vehicle get back to its original working condition. They are endowed with all the required insights so as to understand the problem and also fix it. Make sure to take into consideration the possibility of replacing your Jeep ignition particularly if your automobile or key has already undergone changes.

Replacing Jeep Key Fob

Keyless ignitions are used by the more recent Jeep models. This implies that the primary key is going to be a key fob or smart key. In case this type of key ceases to function, no car key cutting will be required by the new Jeep key which you need. Replacing a key fob will consist of car key cutting; however, there is no need to get your key to start your vehicle.

Try not to get caught up in the hypothetical options. It would be sensible to figure out what exactly you require by getting in touch with United Locksmith now. We will provide you with a technician right at your location along with a replacement key fob. They will be competent enough to program it and perform any other required task after getting a fair idea regarding the present situation.

Jeep features

These off road and sports cars have upholstered
seats coupled with cup holders maximizing comfort for in it. In some cases, the
seats have customizable heating control features that ensure increased comfort
during the cold seasons. You get enough room to stretch your legs ensuring you
don’t get leg cramps even on a long journey. This is made better by the powerful
engines and four wheels that make it possible to navigate through any terrain
smoothly. Whether you’re planning to drive through big rocks, deep snow, sticky
mud or just plain smooth road, the jeep is a great asset to have. Impressive
interior design, ranging from leather steering wheels to modified sleek seats,
together with powerful navigational features are what these cars present. They have
more advanced technological features like voice command and touch screen
display that will allow you to enjoy entertainment, or communicate with others
without necessarily getting distracted thereby reducing chances of being
involved in road accidents. Automatic temperature controls and steering wheel
mountain audio controls are also part of technological features that give these
cars the cutting age innovations they have.


A mixture of luxury and functionality are
what jeeps present. This is the best brand for those with families and those
that don’t. Plenty of storage rooms for those family trips and their
affordability make them perfect for any family size. The fact you don’t have to
worry about being stuck in snow during winter is just a bonus. Many models to
choose from also ensure that everyone’s needs and desires are well takes care