Having a smart lock for your smart home is great, but you need to be careful; you don’t want your entire security to be compromised because your smart lock is weak. Smart locks build upon the same principles as traditional locks, so it is important to remember that each piece that you introduce is compatible with the other pieces. For instance, you can’t put a deadbolt on a door that hasn’t been prepared for it like a hollow door. So, certain smart locks will work for your property and some that won’t.


 Most homeowners want to go with a Bluetooth smart lock. Well, what are Bluetooth smart locks and why do they gravitate toward them? Also, which one is the best for me and my smart home?


What are Bluetooth locks?


 You might think that Bluetooth is only compatible with headphones or smartphones but that isn’t the case. Bluetooth uses radio frequencies to connect with designated wireless devices; an essential feature to look out for when getting a smart lock.

There are other wireless communication protocols that you have to choose from if you want a smart lock that simply allows wireless control because really, who still wants wires? ZigBee and Z-wave are a couple of possibly popular wireless protocols that work with a few other smart locks. Bluetooth didn’t become famous for just a random reason; like its cool name.

The best Bluetooth lock is more popular than any of the other best Wi-Fi enables lock systems because of its amazing features. Bluetooth devices can operate using low power and they will still work up to sixty feet away! This means that if there is a power outage, your home will be safe!


What Integrates with your smart home?


 So, it is important to make sure that all of your devices connect. If you set up your smart lock to be compatible with the security system to inform you when someone tries to enter our home unauthorized and the two devices can’t sync up, then you have a problem on your hands. An ideal lock would be one that consumes low amounts of energy but it also doesn’t sacrifice the connection it has with your smartphone.


 Not every Bluetooth smart lock will meet all requirements unless it is the best. That’s why we have here five of the best Bluetooth smart locks to integrate with your smart home!

  1. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock







 This is the Bluetooth version of the popular fingerprint UL3 door lock. It works with BLE or Bluetooth low energy which allows you to control your home with your smartphone. This works by using the app and the BLE4.0 connectivity.

Although this lock does well when it comes to security – A fingerprint reader, touch pad, or the ability to control it all via your smartphone – It isn’t so great on integration. I mean, it’s terrible at it… to the pointy that it doesn’t integrate at all. Not to Z-wave, not to ZigBee, not to Wi-Fi. It will have no communications with other smart devices. A bit of a loner, eh?


Key Features


The BLE 4.0 Connectivity

It has multiple secure access points such as a fingerprint reader, smartphone control and connectivity, and the use of a secure keypad; yay!

The absence of a traditional keyway helps to make the lock more secure.


  1. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 2nd Generation


 This second-generation Kevo Kwikset employs the use of Bluetooth Low Energy and couples it with a military-grade PKI encryption Which makes the security of the lock even better. There is the presence of a traditional keyway but that doesn’t make this lock any less effective or any less of a good buy. The lock supposedly gives additional security against forced entry like lock picking and lock bumping.

 There aren’t many smart locks that have the level of compatibility that this particular lock has. This is one of their best features of the lock because it opens your home and makes it more accessible. The lock also pairs easily with smart doorbells and other home automation products that can make your home come to life.


Key Features


It is capable of integrating with many different smart devices, which efficiently increases the number of activities that your lock can regulate and perform.

It also uses BLE to link with your smartphone, which allows it to lock or unlock automatically based on its proximity settings.

It has a military-grade PKI encryption which minimizes the ways its cybersecurity can be compromised.


  1. Schlage Sense Bluetooth Touchscreen Deadbolt Smart Lock


 This deadbolt lock is very popular. It probably isn’t the most secure lock in the world, but it is dependable and it has sturdy features. This lock can be paired with Wi-Fi bridge which technically makes it a not so traditional Wi-Fi deadbolt. It is adept at working with other devices although it works better with Apple devices and the Apple Home Kit.

Some other features include its voice control options and when it is paired with the Apple Home Kit, it gives the homeowner more ways to interface with their smart device.


Key Features


This lock pairs best with the Apple Home Kit. Although this is limiting in terms of controlling devices, it is still a good gateway to further device connectivity.

The voice control features, when it is paired with the Apple Home Kit, will enhance the simplicity of access that homeowners can afford, and this integrate with other devices.


  1. Yale Real Living Assure Lock (YRD446)


 This brand has quite a few locks to choose from with a range of compatibility for the Z-wave and ZigBee locks. Bluetooth lock may be best to integrate with your home though, keep that in mind. This lock is one of the best locks that are on the Bluetooth smart lock market today and it has great connectivity and compatibility within your smart home.


 This device requires 4AA batteries to run and thankfully it does not consume excessive amounts of power when it is in use. Therefore you won’t have to change the batteries every other day. It works for remote and automatic unlocking when the smartphone of choice is in a good radius.

This lock works well with other smart devices which is a plus. It easily fits in with all home automation systems and monitored alarm systems. Don’t forget that the primary function of a lock is for it to give you security. This lock is one that is very security forward, it does not have a keyway which makes no way to attack the keyway because… well because there simply isn’t one. Not even a backup. If the lock loses power, you can jump-start it with a 9V battery to temporarily get it running.


Key Features


The Assure Lock utilizes BLE, which allows for low power usage and increases the output and efficiency of your lock.

This lock can fully integrate with other smart devices which will increase the internal network of your smart home.

The complete absence of a keyway increases the security of the lock itself. There is also no backup keyway to be taken advantage of either.

BLE connectivity allows the lock to use no hands auto-unlock and locking features.


  1. August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

This smart lock is very much the one to beat when it comes to Bluetooth smart locks. While the aforementioned devices could be compatible with about four devices at max, this one can work with Alexa, Nest products, Apple Home Kit, and many more. This lock offers the ease of access; letting you control it with your smartphone. This device is so smart that it can open your door for you as you are coming up; how amazing is that? If it is paired with a camera or an alarm system, then you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and the lock will be engaged.


Key Features

Device connectivity that puts others to shame.

BLE Gives ease of access to the home.


 This lock lets you keep your existing hardware which means not much has to be changed to get it installed.






 At the end of the day, the device that is going to work for you depends on your budget, your home, and what you are looking for. Maybe you don’t want a lock that opens your home when you are coming up, that’s okay. Pick the lock that is best for you!

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