Pin Tumbler Locks, Are they safe? Get more information here with Low Rate Locksmith

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Pin and tumbler locks are the ones that you’re most likely to find on doors in the U.S. In fact, 90% of all U.S homes are protected by pin and tumbler locks. The original design of this lock consisted of a series of single pins. When these were locked, they kept the bolt from moving by being pushed into the bolt itself. The key was used to lift the pins out of the bot, allowing the bolt to move freely.

10 Best Padlocks Ever Made

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Padlocks are the quintessential portable lock. The best padlocks have a few different qualifications. Some important things are pick resistance, forced entry resistance, versatility and value. The ranking will be based on these factors. There really is no such thing as an ‘unpick-able’ lock, but some are certainly better than others at security.

Raking vs. Single Pin Picking

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There is much debate on the difference between single pin picking and lock raking in the locksmith community. Some people wonder when is the best time to use each method. Others consider one method as a crutch in comparison to another. These topics have yet to find a concrete answer among locksmiths and hobbyists alike.

All You Need To Know About Electronic Locks

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Electronic locks provide safety for public and private property alike. Electronic locks can service in many areas. From simply protecting a home to having a gig in the White House, electronic locks have an answer to matters of security. The most secure safes out there use electronic locks. Cars these days are commonly manufactured with an electronic key system.

Why Tesla’s Are The Most Secure Cars Ever Made Here are 6 Reasons

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Tesla Motors have been getting a lot of buzz lately. The company doesn’t even advertise! These cars are sold by word of mouth and they haven’t run into any issues so far! They also get exposure from social media, events and Elon Musk’s appearances. Free exposure!

Why People Don’t Care About Their Security

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There has been an interesting trend in the security industry. It’s become so easy to access the information needed to pick a lock, break into a car, etc. Really, criminals can just forgo the lock and break through the window. Despite all of these innovations in lock technology, our security is in a constant state of fragility.

Locks That Provide The Illusion of Security

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Locks that don’t protect you properly are a danger to you and your valuables. Of course, no lock can provide perfect security. However, there are some that just don’t do what they ought to at all. Many lock brands promise that their locks will prevent some method of picking, and they fail to do what they claimed.

4 Pick-Proof Locks For Higher Level Of Security

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Lock picking is an art. Many people find interest in the ways to open what is said to be ‘un-openable’. In order for a lock to be un-pickable, it must contain elements that no one has seen before, as well as one that is difficult for people to get their hands on.

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