Lock picking is an art. Many people find interest in the ways to open what is said to be ‘un-openable’. In order for a lock to be un-pickable, it must contain elements that no one has seen before, as well as one that is difficult for people to get their hands on. Keyways and pin tumblers have been picked for the longest time. There have been many advanced locks – even some which claimed to be un-pickable. Just saying this makes lock pickers strive to prove these claims wrong. Truthfully, what makes a lock un-pickable is innovation. Locks that we haven’t seen. Keyways with no answer. Unpickable locks need to rewrite the rule book and make it extremely hard for a pro to catch on. The more a lock is highlighted in the media, the higher the chance that someone will come around and find a way to open it. A lock needs to be rare and mostly unknown in order for it to keep un-pickable status. Really though, no lock is 100% impenetrable. If there’s a way to get in the right way, you can be sure that with enough patience and know-how, there’s a way to get in the wrong way. The real process of picking a lock is taking advantage of the lock’s shortcomings. The lesser known these shortcomings are, the better.

The Forever Lock met its match due to over exposure. The Forever lock was unique, and it claimed to be un-pickable, which of course made hundreds if not thousands of people arm bent to pick it. The Forever Lock was revealed to be very pickable, very publicly. All someone needs to do is search up Forever Lock and one of the first results will be how to pick it. MIWA magnetic keys we’re also thought to be un-pickable, but were found otherwise. Therefore, saying that a lock can’t be picked is really saying that a method to pick these locks hasn’t been found… yet.

August Smart Lock

Smart locks are pretty safe from the scrutiny of lock pickers, as they can never be opened manually with professional lock picking tools or a trust bump key. August smart locks can only be opened by your smartphone. There is a key that you can use when outside of the house, but there are still ways you can take your security concerns further. If power is disrupted, the August lock won’t open. This lock is completely safe from traditional lock pickers, but be careful if you have a computer science major on your hands. Jokes aside, the way into this lock is through the code, which is a formidable feat in the least.

HYT Chain Key

This delicate piece of lock novelty is certainly original and virtually un-pickable. The ‘key’ isn’t really much of one; rather the lock is opened by a curving chain. This makes it really hard to break into using standard, non-bendable lock picking tools. One must be really knowledgeable about how the lock works on the inside in order to pick it. The key itself is pretty delicate, so it’s more of a cool novelty play-thing than a lock for the home. You could still make use of it to protect your valuables though.


This lock is magnetic, like the MIWA, but it’s much more difficult to crack. The way the key is cut and the round shape really throws lock pickers for a loop. In addition, each EVVA MCS key has a different magnetic pattern. This means that knowledge of one key won’t help with the picking of its counterpart. Who knows what will happen in the future, but so far this lock hasn’t been picked. Unless the thief is very familiar with your personal magnetic key, (in that case, he wouldn’t have much need to pick it) your lock cannot be picked.

Shi-He Chi-Me U-lock

Saying that this lock has a unique construction is a severe understatement. It’s downright strange. The keyway is obstructed and even the key is varied depending on how you use it. As of now, this lock is very rare and it cannot be picked. Even if someone wants to try, it’s very hard to get your hands on. Even in China, where this lock was originally produced, the Shi-He-Chi-Me U-lock is not widely used at all. A lockpicker would need to get their picks down sharp turns, as well as try to work keyholes they can’t see whilst keeping tension on the lock. Frustration alone would keep would be pickers far and away from this bad boy. This lock is a lot of trouble, and no answer has been found for it as of yet. One thing is for sure though – key duplication or replacement for the owner would probably cost a hefty sum.


Locks are deemed un-pickable based on sheer rarity, innovation and originality. Any lock can come under fire once they’ve been hailed in the public’s view – even the four mentioned above. Going around saying that a lock is un-pickable is a surefire way to wind up eating your words. However, the rarity of these locks alone may preserve their titles for a time. Even if a gutsy upstart wanted to prove the un-pickable label improper, they’d first need to get their hands on the lock to begin with. And that’s no small feat, especially the Shi-He-Chi-Me U-lock. Who knows? You yourself may possess a lock that no one knows anything about. In that case, your lock may be the most ‘unpickable’ of them all.

Now, don’t get so starry-eyed with locks that you forget their purpose. Locks are intended to provide security, and there are more ways for a criminal to compromise yours than through the front door. The end goal is to be safe from attacks, so make sure to do your due diligence, across the board, and you’ll be fine.

Having a lock that cannot be picked means that the method to pick your lock is not readily available. The lock can still be forced open with destructive entry, or simply picked sometime in the future. Your locks are one of the many ways to deter crime, but homes still have windows and doors. A laser focus on control will only remind you of the things you have no power in stopping. That being said, it is better to be prepared than it is to rely on the goodwill of others. Do what you can to secure your property, but do so with the knowledge that security changes with the advancement of knowledge.

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