Keypad door locks have been getting more and more popular. This has a lot to do with the success of smart locks. There are many different options to choose from, but we’ve trimmed it down to what we consider to be the eight best options.


8. Kwikset SmartCode 916 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt


Homeowners like this lock because they can integrate it with existing home automation devices. This lock is also very good at, well, being a lock. It passes our code for quality. You can program this lock with 30 user codes, giving the homeowner better customization with granted entry. There is also a master code that buffs up security concerns. Automated locking is also an option that can be used here. The lock-in general was built to resist bumping and picking. Rekeying can be done in a few simple steps.

This lock is the lowest of the list because there are still some security concerns. The lock still requires a key, and the implemented deadbolt isn’t the best around.

7. Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen BE 375 -V

This lock does not have a lock cylinder, making it pick proof and bump proof. That alone makes it a welcome upgrade from many locks on the market. You’d have to be okay with the idea of a keyless lock though. Keypad locks scare homeowners, as they think the battery will die, leaving them stranded. This lock doesn’t consume a lot of power which helps to put those fears at rest.

If the lock does run out of power it can be jump-started with a 9 Volt battery. This gives you a plan B in emergencies. While there are still better locks out there, the Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen BE 375 -V is a lock to consider if it’s in your price range.


6. Baldwin Boulder 8252 AC1 Keyless Entry Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This lock is advertised as keyless, yet it’s not necessarily so. A keyless lock would not feature a keyway. Sill, this lock is sturdy and a solid member of the Baldwin family. Homeowners like the way this lock looks and feels. It has a good resistance to lock picking and bumping, even lock drilling. It’s not truly keyless, so there is still some vulnerability. On top of everything, this lock enables you to program 30 user access codes.

  1. Yale Real Living Assure Lock YRD446

This lock is keyless, which gives it an edge as it is impervious to lock picking and bumping. Of course, there are still vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity realm to consider. The keypad lock has an existing deadbolt that homeowners can swap out, if they feel so inclined, for a better one. Other locks of this class have integrated deadbolts that cannot be swapped out, giving this lock an edge. A weather protection gasket and tamper-resistant battery cover add to this lock’s security arsenal. The lock has a smooth, modern finish that has been found attractive by homeowners. 

4. Corbin Russwin Access 700 PAC1

These locks are used a lot on college campuses, and they’re some of the most dependable keypad locks you’ll find. The Corbin Russwin brand is known for crafting quality, high-security locks – this one is no different. 1200 user codes can be supported by this lock and it also features an ANSI Grade 1 lockset.

3. Mul-T-Lock ENTR Touchpad Reader

Just seeing ‘Mul-T-Lock’ gives the impression of a well-made lock. You wouldn’t be mistaken, as it’s one of the best lock brands available. This lock-in particular was crafted with the homeowner in mind, offering innovations yet to be seen with keypad door locks for the home. This lock features high-security lock cylinders, as well as cybersecurity enhancements that further digital ingenuity. You can program this lock with 20 user access codes giving homeowners more freedom in pricing who has access to their property. Commercial entities can also benefit from implementing this fine lock. It’s completely keyless to boot, making it a smart option of home and business owners alike.

2. Kaba E-Plex 1500 Series

The Kaba E-Plex 1500 is used a lot in commercial structures, and it’s one of the best keypad door locks you will find. The Kaba brand has a reputation for offering solid, reliable locks. Although the lockset is an ANSI Grade 2, other integrated security features make this lock the second pick on this list. 100 user codes can be supported with the Kaba E-Plex 1500 making it useful in businesses with many employees. Access control is a cinch with five different tiers in authority, as well as an audit trail of the last 1,000 interactions. Add in anti-tamper lockout protocols and an automatic re-lock function, and you’ve got a lock worth paying for.

1. Sargent Keypad Cylindrical Lock

This lock may not look as sleek as some of the others on this list but its function is exceptional. There are not many bad things to say about this lock, but we want you to know everything. This lock’s primary fault is that it is not entirely keyless. Any lock that has a keyway form of entry can be broken into if the criminal is given enough time. There is always the possibility, even for the most secure locks. The lock body and deadbolt are ANSI Grade 1, which is the best out there. You can store up to 100 user codes, and there is an authority system that overrules this. The emergency code can be used no matter what state the lock is in. This makes it very unlikely that you’ll be locked out due to low power. The Sargent Keypad Cylindrical Lock has measures against unauthorized entry. If the code is entered incorrectly three times, then all codes are disabled for a while.



There are lots of factors to consider when deciding which keypad locks are the most secure. In short, the best lock for you could be anyone on this list. A lot of the time, price is a primary factor in the overall choice, but be assured that any one of these locks will make your home more secure.


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